10 Tips to Win Big at Online Casinos

Most people play at online casinos for the thrill of winning and this guide by mBit Casino gives you the top 10 tips to win big at online casinos.

We will cover everything you need to know to give you a fighting chance of landing a big win playing online casino games. This guide will cover topics such as bankroll management, strategy, game selection, and how to make the best out of bonus deals.

In short here are our 10 tips to win big at online casinos:

  • Play Progressive Jackpot Slots
  • Play Casino Games with High RTP
  • Play High Variance Casino Games
  • Learn How to Implement Strategy
  • Manage Your Bankroll Responsibly
  • Use Bonuses to Get Through Downswings
  • Look Out for Prize Drop Promotions
  • Play Tournaments
  • Stay Calm and Healthy
  • Take Numbers 1 to 9 In This Guide Seriously

1.     Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you want to stand a chance of hitting a big win, then you need to play progressive jackpot games. Mega Moolah is one of the standout jackpot slots within the online casino industry because it pays out millions when its trap doors release its huge ‘Mega’ Jackpot.

For those of your that are thinking to trigger a progressive jackpot is like winning the lottery, then you are right in some ways and wrong in others. You are right in saying that the progressive jackpot is a lottery because the odds of hitting the jackpot are high, but as the old saying goes ‘you have to be in it to win it!’.

In the mBit Casino jackpot slots section, there are now more than 115 progressive and non-progressive jackpot games available. You can win €10,000 jackpots up to €10,000,000 jackpots depending on the slot you play.

If you want to increase your chances of winning via features and combinations wins while vying for the elusive progressive jackpot win, then look for jackpot video slot games with a high RTP.

Here are just a few titles we would suggest:

  • It Came From Venus (95.8% RTP)
  • Greedy Goblins (97.2% RTP)
  • The Slot Father (95.69% RTP)

2.     Play Games with a High RTP

Casino games with a high RTP (Return to Player) are essentially those that have a low house edge. Blackjack is particularly well-known for its low house edge of 0.5% which is incredibly low. Translated into RTP that is a staggering 99.5% – but you will only earn this RTP if you play basic strategy which will get into in the section below – ‘Learn How to Implement Strategy’.

Games with a high RTP (low house edge) are more likely to payout. For example, if you play an online slot game with a theoretical RTP of 97%, then every 100 mBTC you bet, should return 97 mBTC in the long run.

You should understand that this percentage does not mean that you are guaranteed 97 mBTC for every 100 mBTC you bet. It is a number based on probability. For example, if you flip a coin, it could land 10 times in a row with ‘heads’ facing up despite the probability being 1 to 2.

To find out more about this concept, read up on how variation and probability can cause hot and cold streaks when playing online casino games.

It is also worth mentioning that a high RTP does not mean you will win big immediately. Some casino games are more progressive than others. For example, you could win big in one large payment from a progressive jackpot slot win, while games like blackjack will take time to collect any substantial winnings – some pro poker or blackjack player calculate their ROI (return on investment) over months and years of playing.

Here is a list of RTPs for some of the most popular casino games:

  • Video Slots: 90% to 99% RTP
  • Blackjack: 99.5% to 99.72% RTP
  • Roulette: 97.3% to 94.74%
  • Video Poker: 99.5% to 99.6%
  • Baccarat: 99% RTP

3.     Play Games with a High Variance

Casino games that pay out big in a single win are known as high variance games. To understand this better, let’s look at the opposite end of the spectrum. A low variance game like blackjack will pay out lot’s of small amounts often. Played correctly, blackjack players can win big but over a long period – that could be over a long session or over weeks, months, or years of playing.

On the other hand, high variance games require that you make lots of bets with no return before finally etching out a big win.

A great example of this is when you play a high variance online slot games, like Back to Venus by Betsoft Gaming. The lion’s share of your spin bets will not produce any wins, and any wins you do happen to land during the slot’s base game are likely to be low paying symbol combinations that do not cover your spin bet.

The idea of the Back to Venus high variance video slot game is to trigger one of the features bonuses which gives you the potential to accumulate returns worth 50x to 4,000x your spin bet. Even 50x your spin bet is a nice win because you will have covered your last 50 losing spins, but as you can see, there is much higher winning potential here than simply covering your spin bet.

Probably the best comparison we can make between high and low variance bets is on the roulette table. Here you have inside bets with medium to high variance bets and outside bets which is solely made up of low variance betting options. When making a single number inside bet, you can win big with the return 35x your bet, but betting on the odd/even or red/black outside betting options will only pay back 1x the amount you bet.

As you can see, if you want to win big playing at online casinos, then high variance games give you a better chance of landing one big prize payout!

Here is a list of the most popular high variance casino games:

  • Video Slot Games
  • Progressive Jackpot Games
  • Roulette Inside Bets
  • Scratch Cards
  • Some Poker Table Games

4.     Learn How to Implement Strategy

Going into any casino game without a strategy in mind is counterproductive if you want to win big at an online casino. This applies to video slots, video poker, all table games, and even lotto and scratch card games.

Even online slot games can have a strategy applied. Even though online slots are totally random, and they may not be the same as blackjack or poker where more mathematically/scientifically proven strategies are required, but all the same you can strategize when playing slots.

Slots strategy could include situations that dictate when to increase your bet, when to take on the gamble feature if it is available when to stop playing, quitting while you are ahead or when you are having a bad day, only playing slots with a high RTP.

Much of the strategy involved with online slots is related to bankroll management which is used for ALL casino games. However, some casino games also have more intricate systems – none more famous than blackjack’s basic strategy.

Without blackjack’s ‘basic strategy’, the favourable 99.5% to 99.72% RTP most blackjack variations offer will be more like 90% to 95%. If you want to win big over a period of time playing blackjack, then you will need to make the right decisions consistently and according to proven mathematical formulas.

When it comes to shifting you bet sizes, card counting techniques used by the famous MIT team can provide useful insights. When the ‘true count’ was high, the players would increase their bet sizes because they knew they would win more cash. The payouts odds are the same, but quite obviously if you bet more, then the cash reward is higher – the old saying goes – ‘the greater the risk, the greater the reward’.

Now even though slots, roulette, and other casino games do not have a ‘true count’, you can apply a similar strategy which is to reduce your bet sizes when you feel you are on a cold streak and increase your bet sizes when you are on a hot streak.

Other strategies used in casino games such as roulette require that you increase your bet size when you lose. This is known as the Martingale strategy. However, this strategy is only used for low variance bets and is not recommended for high variance inside bets. There are numerous similar roulette strategies to the Martingale system

Here is a list of a few casino game strategies you can learn:

  • Blackjack Basic Strategy
  • Martingale System (Low Variance Betting System)
  • Bankroll Management
  • Half Stop Strategy

5.     Manage Your Bankroll Responsibly (Maximise your playing time)

Earlier in this guide, back in the progressive jackpots section, the term ‘you have to be in it to win it’ came up. This is exactly the way you should be thinking when it comes to bankroll management.

Too many online casino players burn through their cash way too quickly and end up with no money to play. That said, some casino players prefer to bet big in a wave of short burst wagers hoping for a big win which is fine. Each to their own as they say!

In fact, betting large amounts is one way to win big playing online casino games. These players are making big bets expecting huge returns if they win. There are plenty of arguments for and against this strategy but speaking on behalf of the larger online casino community as a whole, most players would prefer to maximise their playing time.

A lot of casino players are proud. It goes with the territory of being a thrill-seeker looking for that big win. The downside of this is that many casino players play higher stakes than their bankroll allows. This is all very well until those players hit a downswing. This often leads to players crashing and burning early in the week or month.

When you crash and burn, there is no more money left to make bets. When you can’t make bets, you cannot win big playing online casino games – the entire purpose of this guide!

The best way to learn how to manage your bankroll is to find a good guide that will help you. One of the best strategies to use is known as the ‘10 Percent Strategy’ – only use 10% of your entire bankroll balance for each session.

What is the 10 Percent Strategy?

If you have a €250.00 casino balance, then you take €25.00 to your game. If this is a video slot, and you want at least 100 spins, then you will need to bet 0.25 per spin. In theory, a slot with a 97% RTP will pay back €24.25. Now we know that is not how slots work, but it gives you an idea why you are exercising this style of bankroll management. You may lose the entire €25.00, but you will still have €225.75 in your casino account for future sessions.

Some players will set a 100-spin limit for a single session. That means they will spin the reels 100 times regardless of what they win or lose. Winnings are banked and more re-bet. If the session produces a loss, the slot player’s attitude is one that says ‘I did what I wanted to do which was to have fun’.

That same slot player could come back the next day and win a huge 1,000x bet multiplier while those that have already crashed and burned cannot play!

Here are some tips to manage your bankroll:

  • Only take 10% of your bankroll to any game
  • Set a minimum bet strategy for each session
  • Never overextend yourself

6.     Use Bonuses to Get Through Downswings

Online casino bonuses are a great source of free bonus money. On top of this, there is always a chance that you could convert your bonus cash into real money. However, one of the main reasons bonuses are important is because they allow you to play through those times when you just can’t seem to land a decent winning session.

Deposit match bonus, free spins giveaways, and cashback deals are the main bonus offers available. You can make a deposit and receive free spins or bonus money, then head over to the real money tables that the bonus money qualifies for and play.

Even a losing session can be profitable when playing with bonus cash. RTPs are generally high on casino games so you should be winning at least something. All the time you are making bets you will be playing through the bonus wagering requirements. A session in which you bet $50.00 worth of bonus cash could return $25.00. You are 50% down, but you have played through 100% of your bonus.

The next session could return $50.00, and another 100% off your wagering requirements have been played through. In the end, you do this enough times, and either you play through all your bonus cash and lose it all rather than losing your real money balance or you get to a point where you convert the bonus cash into money that can be withdrawn.

If you hit any big wins along the way, then you will have even more bonus money to play with until eventually, you receive free cash. That free cash can be used on high variance games with a high RTP giving you the chance to win big playing casino games.

For the third time in this guide, ‘you have to be in it to win it’. Casino bonuses can help prolong your time playing online casino games, and of course, the more you play, the higher the chances are that you will win big at your online casino.

How can bonus money help you win big?

  • Play through downswings
  • Use free converted cash to play high RTP/volatile games

Prize drop promotions are similar to a lottery whereby you take part for the chance to win part of a prize pool giveaway. Most online casinos will dedicate a sizeable prize pool that is split into a certain number of prizes. Prizes can be cash or free spins, plus on occasion, the casino will not attach any wagering requirements.

An example of a prize drop competition could be as follows:

  • €4,000 in daily prizes over 5 days
  • Total €20,000 Cash Giveaway
  • 45 Daily Drop Prizes

The prize pool split between 45 daily drops could be as follows:

  • x1 €1,000.00 Prize
  • x2 €500.00 Prizes
  • x4 €250.00 Prizes
  • x8 €100.00 Prizes
  • x10 €10.00 Prizes
  • x20 €5.00 Prizes

Most of the time these prize drops are free to enter or require a small cash deposit to qualify. The ‘prize drops’ are randomly won as long as participants play the games specially selected for the prize drop promotion. You may also find that in some cases the casino will allow prize drop promo participates the chance to win a random prize drop in cash prizes playing any of the casino’s games during the promotional days and hours.

To see whether mBit Casino has a prize drop promotion in action, check out the mBit promo page where you will find Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Red Tiger, and other casino game prize drop tournaments. Furthermore, you can also see an example of one of the special mBit Casino prize drop and wins promos in action in May 2020 in the Tweet below.

8.     Play Tournaments (Slot Races)

Another area mBit Casino is hot on is its slot tournament races. These are called mBit races and most of them start every 3 hours giving you the chance to win a huge mBTC prize pool with absolutely no wagering requirements attached.

Prizepools are split up on a leader board that pays out mBTC or free spins. Check out the screenshot from a leaderboard in one of latest slot races. At the moment Paul looks like he is about to win big at mBit online casino with 185,650 points which is 3 times more than second-place X3rx3s82 who is also set to win big!

How do slot race tournaments work?

You will need to check out the ‘?’ on the slot races tournament page. You will need to make sure you play the participating games for the slots race you opt-in for, and you will need to play using the currency required which is usually crypto in the case of mBit races. Always check the currencies the casino requires before you opt-in or you could end up playing using a currency that does not qualify for leaderboard points.

How to gain leaderboard points

The beauty of these slot races is that everyone has a chance of winning no matter whether you are a high roller or budget player. Points are awarded based on multipliers and not the amount of cash you win, so budget players will be on a level playing field with high rollers. For example, if your spin bet is 0.4 mBTC and you win 4 mBTC, the multiplier is 10x the bet. The value of the multiplier will be added to the leaderboard and not the cash value.

Here are some tips for finding slot tournaments:

  • Look for tournaments with high prize pools
  • Check that the tournaments awards points for multiplier wins and not cash
  • Make sure that all prize pool winnings are paid with no wagering requirements

9.     Stay Calm and Healthy

Two common issues can cause you to make irrational decisions when gambling. Firstly, not being healthy. That means eating bad food, not drinking enough water, and not exercising enough. For the majority of us, aside from those that seem to be able to function no matter how unhealthy they are, we make better decisions when we are healthy, and our brains are alert.

The second issue that can contribute to easily burning through your cash is tilting. When you tilt, it is often because you become agitated or angry. This is a common flaw that affects professional poker players and can end up losing them thousands in cash. The same applies when you lose your temper with an online casino game. When you tilt, you tend to make bad decisions which can limit your ability to win big playing at online casinos.

When you hear about casino players that win big, it is no coincidence that most of them speak of a clean-cut and healthy lifestyle. If you are playing online casino games with the hope of winning big, then take your gameplay seriously by taking your health and well being seriously, as well as picking and choosing the right times to play.

Tips to stay calm while playing casino games:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Do not gamble while you are tired
  • Stop playing if you feel you are in a bad mood
  • Never gamble while you are angry
  • Avoid gambling while intoxicated

10. Take Numbers 1 to 9 In This Guide Seriously

Number 10 for our ‘10 tips to win big at online casinos’ may seem like a bit of a cop-out. However, it really is not. Yes, it does round of this list to a nice round number, but it makes into number 10 on this list because so many people read guides such as this and then either implement just a few of the suggestions or none at all.

As a result, this section is here to remind you to reinforce everything you have read. Take each point mentioned in this guide and start to act on them as soon as possible. Try not to wait or put the above 9 suggestions on the back burner.

One suggestion would be to write each point down into a list, make bullet-pointed notes, and look to see how you can research further. You can even bookmark this guide to your mobile browser so you can revisit it and refresh your memory when you are on the train, travelling, or when you have some downtime.

In the end, you will be a more profitable and much happier online casino player!

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