100 Funny (And Punny) Fantasy Football Team Names For 2020

funny fantasy football team names 2019
funny fantasy football team names 2019

It’s that time of year. Time to crack open the books, get studying, and get ready for the start of fantasy football season. Namely, it is time to start coming up with team names.

If hunting down your rhyming dictionary or keeping track of the latest memes is too time-consuming, we are here to help. PlayPicks has compiled 100 possible team names covering everything from rookies to studs to even coaches.

For you Cleveland fans, we’ve got Everything and the Kitchens Sink. If you’re a Rams fan, we’re here to make sure everyone knows Don’t Hassle the Goff. Fourtunettely, We’re Mixon It Up with a wide range of names to pick from, so you can both win your league’s and your league’s respect when it comes to your pun game.

100 fantasy football team names for 2020

  1. Zeke and Ye Shall Find
  2. It’s All Zeke To Me
  3. Zeke Havoc
  4. Nuk Nuk Jokes
  5. Oh Say Can Kelce
  6. Hooked on a Thielen
  7. You Thielen Me?
  8. Kittle Be Alright
  9. Too Kittle Too Late
  10. Fourtunettely
  11. The Devil in DisGuice
  12. Guice Guice Baby
  13. Penny for Your Thoughts
  14. It’s a Jolly Golladay
  15. Can You Diggs It?
  16. Mixon it Up
  17. Pop and Lockett
  18. Deshaun of the Dead
  19. Elementary Dear Watson
  20. All of the Sutton
  21. Return of the Mack
  22. Kerryon My Wayward Son
  23. Game of Jones
  24. Say My Nyheim
  25. Baker’s Dozen
  26. Coutee Pie
  27. Let’s Have A Keke
  28. Gallup Along
  29. Luck Be A Brady
  30. Kamara is a Bitch
  31. The Sun Will Come Out, Kamara
  32. Kandid Kamara
  33. A Time to Khalil
  34. Saquon For The Team
  35. Hey Darnold
  36. Old McDarnold Had a Farm
  37. Goff The Record
  38. Don’t Hassle The Goff
  39. Puttin on the Fitz
  40. OB & J
  41. Don’t Ask, Don’t Odell
  42. Cleveland Rocks?
  43. JuJubees
  44. JuJu Wanna Dance?
  45. JuJu Really Wanna Hurt Me?
  46. Null and Boyd
  47. Pour One Out For Mahomes
  48. Take Mahomes, Country Roads
  49. Mahomes Is Where The Heart Is
  50. Hey Mr DJ, Play Some Moore
  51. Moore, Moore, Moore
  52. Rolling on a Rivers
  53. Case Closed
  54. Kirks Gently
  55. Cheaper By the Cousins
  56. Everything and the Kitchens Sink
  57. My Vay Or The McVay
  58. Kliffhanger
  59. Nagy Breaky Heart
  60. Not So Shurmur
  61. Foot On The Gase Pedal
  62. Hands on a Harbaughdy
  63. Red Solo Kupp
  64. Kuppa Troopa
  65. It’s Hard To Say Amari
  66. Hit the Road, Dak
  67. You Don’t Know Dak
  68. What If Godwin’s One of Us?
  69. You Make My Dreams Come Trubisky
  70. Basic Mitch
  71. Murray Up and Wait
  72. Don’t Murray, Be Crappy
  73. The Truth Ertz
  74. It Only Ertz Wentz I Breathe
  75. Booger McFarland’s Flying Lawn Chair
  76. Faster Than Witten’s MNF Stint
  77. A Safer Bet Than Romo’s Charity Golf Game
  78. Friends In Garoppolo Places
  79. Garoppolo Rider
  80. A Carr is Born
  81. Squad Foles
  82. Jake Jortles (for The Good Place fans)
  83. Shuffled Off This Bortles Coil
  84. Bortnite
  85. A Rosen By Any Other Name
  86. Let’s Make a N’Keal
  87. Turn Down for Watt
  88. Who’s the Bosa?
  89. Is It Whitworth It? Let Me Work it
  90. SupercaliEquanimeous
  91. Dirty Landry
  92. Dallas Cobboys
  93. Agholorious
  94. Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like AB
  95. Old Brown Road
  96. Gould Mine
  97. Gurley Man
  98. Bright And Gurley
  99. O. Henry
  100. Grand Kenyan

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