A heads up about betting on Super Bowl Finalists

I found this hard to believe so i checked.

Pre playoffs the bills were +700 to win the superbowl.

If you mean that u just keep betting them ML each game the odds of each game so far have been -350 and -150 Meaning if you bet 1 unit on each playoff game so far you would be up 0.952381 units so far.

You can now get the bills at +310 or so to win the superbowl so our +700 superbowl bet of 1u is now valued at about 1.9512u.

Not only are you slightly up more value by betting each game rather than the future, but you have the added advantage of compounding your winnings.

If you re-invest your first game winnings to the 2nd game you would be up 1.14u compared to the value of 0.9512u from the future. Plus you can keep compounding.

Its not even close. Futures suck…

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