First time posting and writing poker language to bare with me!
1$ MTT Im sitting on 24BB

And im BB

2 limpers before me

Ah Kd for me

I raise to 4bb

He goes all in

I call

He turns AJs (spades)

I call flop comes Th Jh 5d

Turn 7s

Flop 2s

Now i ask is it the correct move to call. He has limped with AK on my BB before when i was shorter stacked. This is to get above average stack and into top 50 or 60. I havve had similar instances when im dominating my opponent i get drawn out when all in at about the same time in a MTT. Whats the story if he had AA or KK i would ok with that. But at the meat end of a tournie im afraid to all in while dominating. Feel like giving up.

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