Arena combat meets trading card games

hello everyone .. lately, a game idea has been eating me from the inside, and i haven’t found anything like it .. the full idea that i have in mind is too big and ambitious and i know indie developers won’t do it, so i’ll try to make it as small as possible, where i only going to talk about the amazing combat system that i wish existed


i have been a yu-gi-oh fan for long time when i was a teen .. although i stopped playing the game, but it’s mechanics stuck with me, what i loved about it the most is the amount of creativity that you have in building your own deck, where you can use any card that ever existed (considering the ban-list) and forging multiple endless strategies, nowadays i am into anime 3rd person fighting games like naruto ultimate ninja storm, although the combat system is amazing on those games, it still feels repetitive sometimes, and very limiting, the limits that i felt are in the abilities, where one character has a certain predetermined set of moves, and if you grew tired of the move set, then you’ll go to the other character that has it’s own predetermined move set, and you are stuck with those abilities with no room for customizing, and in those moments i remembered how much creativity fun that i used to have while playing yu-gi-oh, and then it hit me, what if there was a combat game where it doesn’t matter what character you play with (so you can customize it), and the moves you perform are in card game style

the basics

this is a real time pvp, in a closed arena (like the naruto ultimate ninja storm franchise), each player will have a fixed HP and stamina, these won’t ever change (cause there won’t be a level up system) and when you perform a base attack you eat your stamina, things that will eat stamina as well, are parry, sprinting and blocking attacks, so far these are basic stuff that a lot of games have already, but here is where the fun starts, first of all, there will three types of weapons :

sword : which is close range, and fast and pretty accurate

staff : it will have more range cause it’s going to shoot withing certain radius, but it is slower but accurate

bow: where you can have all the range in the world, but you have to aim

there will be multiple weapons from each type, and they will vary in the name,design, and base attacks value, as well for their “talents” (i will explain that later)

the abilities and customization

this is the selling point of this game, each player will have a deck of abilities (built beforehand by the player), each ability will have a description text, and these abilities will come in three types:

skills : which are the physical attacks that the player performs, usually they are meant to deal certain amount of damage. (for example : spin sword attacks, setting arrow mines … etc)

spells: which are abilities that either enhance your stats (enchantments), or weakens you opponent’s stats (curses)

counter attacks : these are abilities that gets caste by the player, until the opponent does a certain thing, and then they will be performed automatically

timing is everything

in trading card games or in battle games, there is always a resource system, like mana or stamina, but in this game, time is the resource, where each ability that you draw will have a predetermined refresh time (written in the ability description), from when you drew it from your deck, until you can use it, and even after you use it, if you didn’t time it right, i mean, if your opponent blocked it or escaped it through parry, then it is wasted (lets call a used or a wasted ability “burned”)

your hand

your “hand” will be to the side of the screen, where it will display the abilities that you have at hand, and it’s gonna have three rows, one for each ability type, and each row going to have three columns, so at all times, you gonna have 3 “spells” at your disposal, 3 “skills” and 3 “counter attacks”, for example if you burned a spell, then it will be replaced by an other random spell from your deck, but you won’t be able to use it until after the refresh time on it is over


talents : as mentioned earlier, weapons will come with “talents” that will set them apart from each other, each weapon will have only one talent, but, these talents will be repeatable, throughout the fight, and they of course have a refresh time between each use, these talents will be what you build your deck around, for example : imagine a weapon that says “for 30 seconds each time you hit you inflict damage to your opponent, you get healed the same amount”, this weapon makes you comfortable in having good HP all the time, so you can build a deck with abilities around that talent that will utilize that advantage


depending on the ability description, the combos could be endless, you can have a spell that says “for 30 seconds you won’t lose stamina”, and then a skill that will say “spin attack that keeps going until you used all your stamina, and it uses X amount of stamina” so theoretically this combo will give you 30 seconds spin attack, and based on this example you can see where creativity is key

combos abilities : this is a little sprinkle on top (can be added later on), where you have in a different predetermined deck (also built by the player), a set of abilities that get automatically activated if ability X and Y where used in sequence (the combo pieces must be specified in the combo ability description)

buying system

at first i thought in a big campaign with a story mode, where you defeat bosses that will drop these weapons and different abilities to add them to your collection, but i think that can wait for an other day, it can have a simple loot box system where you get all these weapons and cool abilities

final thoughts

at the end of the day, games like these are only as good as the amount of creativity that you put in the unique abilities (cards), and in the amount of those abilities, i personally have multiple ideas for different abilities/talents, if any developer is actually interested in this idea, then feel free to reach out so we can talk more about those ideas, and again, i know, this is a big project, that not meant for one person to do, it’s just an itch i had in my mind that i needed to tell someone about it to scratch it, let me know what you guys think

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