Avoid the Sharks by Playing Stream Satellites on Unibet Poker

Play in Ian Simpson's Stream Satellites Only at Unibet Poker

Play in Ian Simpson's Stream Satellites Only at Unibet Poker

Do you hate grinding hard in order to satellite into a major online poker tournament, only to get busted by sharks with big bankrolls who can buy-in direct? Well Unibet Poker have just the tournament for you.

Starting June 9th, players can earn their way into a €25 buy-in Final on July 5th exclusively through satellites. The Final offers no direct buy-in which means every player must satellite in.

The lowest tier is a freeroll satellite, with passwords being given out on Unibet Poker Ambassador Ian Simpson’s Twitch stream all this month. Simpson is one of many popular poker Twitch streamers out there and he’ll be looking to get involved in this exciting tournament.

Did You Know You Can Play on Unibet Poker Direct From Your Browser?

Unibet Poker Stream Satellites

However, no one is exempt from the “no direct buy-in” policy, especially not Simpson who must win his way into the Final as well! Here are details of the three different tiers of satellites leading up to the €25 Final.

Buy-in Entry Prizepool
Freeroll Password required 50 x €1 Tickets
€1 Cash or €1 Ticket 10 x €5 Tickets
€5 €5 Ticket ONLY 2 x €25 Tickets (July 3rd: 6 x €25 Tickets)
€25 €25 Ticket ONLY  
Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson’s Stream Satellite Schedule

The streams start on June 9th and take place every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The tournaments take place at 6pm or 8pm (BST) with freeroll passwords given out on the Twitch stream.

Date Time (BST) Tournament Time (BST) Tournament
Tue 9th June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €0>€1
Thu 11th June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €1>€5
Fri 12th June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €1>€5
Sun 14th June 18:00 €1>€5 20:00 €5>€25
Tue 16th June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €0>€1
Thu 18th June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €1>€5
Fri 19th June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €1>€5
Sun 21st June 18:00 €1>€5 20:00 €5>€25
Tue 23rd June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €0>€1
Thu 25th June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €1>€5
Fri 26th June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €1>€5
Sun 28th June 18:00 €1>€5 20:00 €5>€25
Tue 30th June 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €0>€1
Thu 2nd July 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €1>€5
Fri 3rd July 18:00 €0>€1 20:00 €5>€25
Sun 5th July 18:00 None 20:00 €25 Final

Satellite in for Free!

Mastering satellites is not an easy subject, but thankfully fellow Unibet Poker Ambassador Dara O’Kearney is on hand with his top tips on how to plug leaks from your satellite game.

In the article he explains how to avoid high variance plays and put yourself in a position to lock up a seat more often.

  • Avoid high variance plays – adopt a tight aggressive strategy and remove any high variance plays
  • Fold equity is King – give your opponents an opportunity to fold, even when you have a very strong hand
  • Avoid Calling – avoid high variance showdown situations as much as possible

Battle Against the King of Flips And Win Cash, Tickets and More!

Download Unibet Poker and Grab Your €200 Bonus

You’re going to need a Unibet Poker account to play in any of these satellites. Those of you who have one, go right ahead! If you don’t have an account, download Unibet Poker via PokerNews for a welcome bonus worth €200.

Unibet rewards you with cold, hard cash each time you hit specific rake milestones. For example, you receive €1 when you rake €2 and an additional €4 once you’ve generated €10 in rake.

Level Rake Cash reward Reward %
1 €2 €1 50%
2 €10 €4 40%
3 €50 €15 30%
4 €150 €40 27%
5 €588 €140 25%

The bonus expires 60-days after you create your account so get your grind on and see how much cash you can earn.


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