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Upon arrival into the room I observed large chunks of food on the foyer tile. In the bathroom there was blonde hair that was stuck to the bathroom shower wall, my hair is not evens close to blonde. The bathtub was not properly cleaned, there was someone’s pubic hair in the tub. There was also a large white stain on the bench in the shower, the faucet fixtures had calcium stains all over them to include some type of green calcium deposit coming out of both bathroom faucets.

The glasses in the bedroom/living room area were possibly issued. One glass was disgustingly dirty and the other glass did not have the proper cover on it, so I was unable to determine that it was suitable for usage. I requested housekeeping deliver two clean covered glasses.

The curtains were malfunctioning. I had engineering come up to assist me with moving the king size bed in order to locate the reason why the lights would not work. It was determined at the time as well engineer and confirmed the curtain fixtures needed to be fixed, the tracks needed to be cleaned and oiled.

Inside of the third drawer in the vestibule area, I found a price tag from a previous guest. The iPad tablet beside the bed, was not fully charged and had 28% power, it shut itself off in the midst of my viewing the property map. I had to wait 20 minutes for it to recharge adequately enough to reboot. During the day, the air conditioning was more than adequate. However during the evening hours especially the overnight hours, it seemed as if the air conditioning was not cooling adequately. Therefore causing me to overheat and wake up during the middle of the night.

I have stayed at previous MGM properties and never experienced any problems. I specifically stayed at the Aria from a recommendation from a colleague. Unfortunately I was highly disappointed.

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