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lol that didn’t take long at all rlmao.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you craps. But I did mention the morons.

That is a pure example of why casino make their money, just by the ability of typing vegetables gambling with money, turn off the life support system and casino would cease to exist. Thank god for fools .

You and I can instantly see the merits of your posted method. So I pose two questions.
1) why is this a discipline problem with you , this method, even flat betting is no drama. You mentioned that you could not run this yourself, that was how I read your post from day or so ago. I may be mistaken in my interruption
2) What have you posted in discussion of this method in all its simplicity that would require a reply from that other poster to ask such inane questions?

I really would be embarrassed to continue breathing if I asked that questions from what I had read in your post. Lol.

I see merit in the progressive bet this method but as explained previously MY bias is flat betting for reason already stated.
To add another reason is as follows .
I really relate to your defensive player style you have posted on a number of occasions this thread. For mine , I look at a situation (using your example of bet banker never against player ) as if you win your first bet then in actual fact winning bet ,2,3,4,5,6,7 in a row becomes harder . As we know that runs of same vary in length and predictable lengths are not certain . With your 5 word method I would bet first unit at say $500 , first bet if win , then next bet would drop ,NOT increase units size to say $600 but reduce to $100 as that is my defensive take on that method. If I win the third bet ( being now 4 banks in total) still $100 , win then next bet is $200 if that wins then yes increase by $100 for the potential long run.

My theory is it has to lose as all bets must lose at some stage as I have always maintained, I’m always surprised by the double bet double bet fools I see that don’t take any profit as they are obviously just junking out on the trip. But defensively I agree lock up a profit in above example $600 min before increasing bet unit.
To continue, I would like to draw your attention to the statement you made about my reading the shoe in the now ( being in the present moment) and how you couldn’t possibly see how I would not be on tilt all the time. As a definitive answer I would have to use your own 5word method as a prime example ( it is something not to dissimilar to the selection criteria I use ) where at anyone time you are only betting on bank and bank is all. If it’s player you are not betting unless you just lost a non bank result when requiring a bank result . You can not be anymore in the present moment than that , agreed?
All the things you have spoken about is mechanical therefore no reason for tilt, no real discipline problem there either, yet people will still lose all their bankroll or ask inane questions about the simple obvious. Why ?
Math people say the casino wins because of the odds, house edge, variance etc that’s a yes but mostly because a lot of stupid people do really stupid things playing a really simple game of baccarat.
Full disclosure as posted I was the same. But you can learn if you want to and not be like the rest.
I enjoy your post craps. Although I’m not sure why you are not doing the 5 word method as opposed to the 8 x three pattern from your first posted example.
I also recommend you read the progression thread by jimske, very good thread , even though I flat bet that thread has insight and merit imho

As a final word , good reply to that poster by you , now you see why I say I don’t do other people homework for them. The same ole same ole retardants always asking never applying can’t wait for them to outsource their own breathing might free up the interverse somewhat. Oops me being the ahole , sozz , have one don’t be one , have one don’t be one. Shoot and I had been making so much progress of late. Lol


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