Bachelor Season 25 Odds – Who Will Matt James Marry?

Will Matt James find his wife on Season 25 of The Bachelor? Photo by @Satisfied_Eye (Twitter)
  • The Bachelor franchise attempts to increase diversity in season 25 by introducing the first-ever African American Bachelor, Matt James
  • Producers have stacked the show with a diverse selection of women – will Matt marry his final rose recipient?
  • See the odds, analysis, and best bets for Season 25 of tThe Bachelor below

The Bachelor franchise has seen a long line of success. Women across the country tune in each week to observe the antics of women vying for the affection of what seems to be the last man on earth. The leading man this season has drummed up quite a bit of discussion on the diversity front, but who is Matt James?

Matt James is the typical Bachelor pick. He is charming and handsome. The Wake Forest alum played pro football for a few months with the New Orleans Saints before getting the ax. He dedicates his time to working with inner-city youth in New York City. He sounds pretty good on paper, but is he ready for love?

In the first episode, Matt’s mother asks him the last time he was vulnerable. Matt responds with, “It’s been a while.” He explains he has a history of closing himself off in his relationships. He states when it is time to take that next step in relationships, he often falls back. So can our 25th Bachelor pull the trigger?

Will Matt James Marry The Final Rose Winner In 2021 Odds

Prop Odds
Yes +400
No -650

All odds as of Jan. 15

Do TV Show Marriages Really Last?

While the show has become a TV phenomenon, the opposite is true when it comes to relationship stickiness. Looking at past seasons, very few of the final couples make it to across the marriage finish line. Shape magazine completed its own analysis of the show’s success rate in producing long-term marriages.

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According to their analysis, “a mere four couples have survived the combined 24 sometimes-teary, always-dramatic, make-out sesh and booze-filled seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.” Shape goes on to share that 83 percent of “Bachelors” and “Bachelorettes” Call It Quits.

Pick: No (-650)

Will Matt James Marry The First Runner Up in 2021 Odds

Prop Odds
Yes +350
No -550

While the stats for final rose recipients are bleak, the runner ups seem to have a much better shot at love. In past seasons, several bachelors have broken it off with their rose recipient to reconcile with the first runner up. Take Bachelor Jason Mesnick who originally picked Melissa Rycroft. He decided to give it another go with runner-up Molly Malaney, citing that his chemistry with Melissa changed after the rose ceremony.

Mesnick was not the only reneging bachelor. Fellow Bachelor brothers Peter Weber and Arie Luyendyk Jr. pulled Mesnicks during their seasons as well. Spoilers have been released about Matt’s final two. According to Reality Steve, the final two will be Michelle and Rachel with Rachel taking home final rose honors. Is it possible Matt will have second thoughts about Rachel?

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No one knows, but what we do know is this season’s bachelor is cautious, guarded, and he has openly shared he has trouble taking that next step. You heard it from the horse’s mouth. What else do you need?

Pick: No (-550)

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