Bet If the First Score of Super Bowl 55 Will Be a Touchdown

Among the various scoring props you will find for Super Bowl 55 is the First Score of the Game a Touchdown.

Will first score be a touchdown

Yes -220

No +150

Touchdown is always favored as the first score of any Super Bowl. A field goal or safety pays $15 for every $10 bet.

Last year, Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes scored the first touchdown of the game. Quarterbacks rarely score the first touchdown. As such, the payout was rather lucrative at 21-1 or $2100 for every $100 bet. Mahomes returns for Super Bowl 55.

MGM executive director of public relations Scott Ghertner confirmed that Mahomes scoring the first touchdown was a “low six-figure decision” for the sportsbook.

More first score odds include:

First score

Kansas City Passing TD +225

Tampa Bay Passing TD +275

Kansas City Field Goal +400

Tampa Bay Field Goal +500

Kansas City Rushing TD +600

Tampa Bay Rushing TD +600

Kansas City Defensive TD +2500

Tampa Bay Defensive TD +3300

Kansas City Safety +4000

Tampa Bay Safety +4000

– Dan Shapiro,

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