Bills Today | Why this home playoff game will be special for Micah Hyde

1. Why this home playoff game will be special for Micah Hyde

Bills Mafia has been chomping at the bit all season long to be able to cheer on the team in person and on Saturday, about 6,700 fans will get that very opportunity. Under Sean McDermott, it’s been the goal of this team to win the division and earn the right to have a home playoff game. Micah Hyde is motivated by the fact that his wife and son will be at Bills Stadium to cheer him on. He also knows what this game means to the fans and the city of Buffalo.

“It’s been a very weird year not having any fans, kind of got used to it, to be honest,” Hyde said. “You run up the tunnel and you get used to not seeing any fans so it’s gonna be different to see fans. My wife at home has been very excited that this is the first game she gets to bring my son too. He’s gonna have no idea what’s going on but she’s excited to bring him too. That’s big for me, that’s important for me that they’re gonna be in the house watching me play and it’s going to give me more motivation. For this community to have a first playoff game in a long time and this is something we talked about since 2017. Since Sean McDermott made a pitch to us in ’17, and said, we gotta have a home playoff game. Now we want to be walking into our stadium, go into the tunnel and listen to the salt crack underneath your shoes. And we’re here now, so the vision that we had since ’17 has come true and we are going to go out there and play our best for this community.”

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