Blackjack Card Counting Bankroll Calculator

I a short while ago developed an software in pycharm to calculated chance of spoil and profitable a earnings. You can enter your bankroll, your bare minimum real depend to wager, what you wager at adverse truecounts, and what you wager at TC1 by means of TC6. I imagine this provides a good deal of choices for getting into inputs and you can even see what transpires if flat wager all the time. Due to the fact I just manufactured it you can not improve the principles of the online games, and it would not account for taking part in deviations primarily based off the real depend. But the principles are, vendor stays at any seventeen, BJ pays three:two, no insurance policies, you can double following break up, can not double aces. If any person is familiar with how to use python and want to appear at it I posted a github url and a immediate EXE of the application in this online video:

it is totally free and all that so I hope some aspiring card counters can discover use out if it. I might appreciate responses on new characteristics or regardless of what so enable me know any troubles or thoughts.

Edit: Up-to-date the EXE so that the prompt, “Push any crucial to exit” Would come about following providing all the info to the person.

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