Blackjack’s Shadowrun Page – Updated, And Back To Weekly Updates

Hey, all. Back from hiding in a cave for the last 12 months. Looks like things have gotten pretty bad. Anyway, can’t live in a cave forever and I’ve updated my page with the stuff I sent out on Twitter over the last year. Also, going 90s retro big time and will regularly update the page on Tuesdays(ish). Since I generally crank out mostly GM stuff, I’ve added Downtime, a sort of newsletter for the players/PCs, the point of which is to basically put the GM on the spot. So, GMs, be ready to entertain the PCs with things like graphic depictions of the gameshow Ass Fights Xtreme. If you haven’t visited Blackjack‘s Shadowrun Page in a while, stop by for an update. If you’ve never visited the page before, stop by for a long freaking while because, seriously, last count, which was before I started updating again, I had about 500,000 words worth of stuff. Granted, 90% is either boring, unintelligible or, in the case of my advice posts, completely incorrect. But still a fun resource. Hope everybody has a good New Year, or at least the first part, because from what I understand everybody in the world pretty much gives up (not on anything in particular, just in general) on August 18th, 2021 at about 8:22PM EST.

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