Check again — Florida man’s $1,000 winning ticket was actually worth $1 million

Winner kept the million-dollar ticket in his pocket all day, unaware of its true value

By Kate Northrop

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — As if the initial surprise of winning $1,000 from the lottery wasn’t enough for one day, one Florida player experienced the shock of a lifetime when he re-checked the ticket in his pocket and discovered that it was actually worth $1 million.

Lee Wingfield, 63, of Tallahassee checked his scratch-off lottery ticket to find that he had won a prize of $1,000. The only issue, if there was one to begin with, was that he didn’t notice a few extra zeros at the end of that number.

“I originally thought I won $1,000, so I put the ticket in my pocket and went about my day,” Wingfield explained to the Florida Lottery. “That night, I realized my prize had a lot more than three zeros in it!”

Initially pleased with the $1,000 Wingfield was probably even more elated to go get his actual winnings at Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee, which he claimed as a one-time lump sum payment of $890,000.

He purchased the winning ticket for $20 from a Publix grocery store at Northeast Capital Circle in Tallahassee. The ticket belongs to an instant scratch-off game called “200X THE CASH” that launched just last month on Sept. 21.

The Publix store will receive a $2,000 commission check for selling the lucky ticket.

Wingfield’s recent win means there are 16 remaining second-tier prizes of $1 million remaining out of the original 20 that were available at the game’s launch. There are also eight out of ten jackpot prizes worth $5 million left to claim.

Florida players looking to claim prizes valued at $5,000 or more can request an appointment at a lottery office through the Lottery’s official website. Winners of $600-$4,999 are advised to either use the secured drop box located at each district office or mail in their tickets to Lottery headquarters or a district office.

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