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I’m getting 16% annual yield on my Zilliqa account through staking.

Jabber – I assume that your are only doing that with a reasonable portion of your investment bankroll and with money that you are ok with losing? Seems like a high risk venture?

To the OP – I have felt that way for quite a while in that the money i would expect to earn from AP didnt justify the time/effort even when playing games with a high hourly ev. The problem isnt the time on the felt but rather all the other things that you need (travel, scout, get in a game, get off the game) to do to actually get hours in a game.

That said i have made some nice scratch from the game, enjoy the challenge of identifying, assessing and exploiting new challenges. Taking money from a casino is still fun for me and i dont play golf. Need a hobby and like the analytical aspects of AP play; especially enjoy attacking new games and using new methods of attack.

At the end of the day at this point i am not going to win or lose enough to make a material difference in my standard of living – actually like to compare my total net worth to a rollercoaster where i have been climbing the hill in an upward accumulation phase and am and just about to the top. A few years on the level rounding the corner to the drop and then plan to take it down over time.

Everyone APs for different reasons.


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