Conscious Gaming Launches Self-Exclusion Tool in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania will become the first jurisdiction to deploy a national gambling self-exclusion tool for responsible gaming in the US. The development unfolded on Wednesday when Conscious Gaming and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) jointly announced the deployment of the innovative self-exclusion tool, PlayPause, for online gambling.

The Keystone State is taking responsible gaming to another level with GeoComply’s consumer-focused protection program to strengthen player protection. Thanks to this move, both regulators and operators can now quickly identify at-risk gamblers who may be trying to take part in gambling activities despite having been excluded beforehand.

First Deployment in the US

Pennsylvania will be the first state to experiment PlayPause in the US, and the solution will be available at no cost to gaming operators and regulators through Conscious Gaming, a non-profit organization established by GeoComply.

Conscious Gaming allows players to self-exclude from gaming across various states. The system is designed for licensed operators and state regulators in one state to safely identify self-excluded patrons who intended to participate in the program with other US-licensed gaming operators and regulators. The solution will also help to streamline state-regulated self-exclusion databases into a single integration point.

PGCB’s Director of the Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling, Elizabeth Lanza, said the Keystone State is pleased to be the first jurisdiction to be a part of the PlayPause program. “By integrating with this solution,” Lanza said. “The industry and regulators can step up wellbeing efforts while advancing the effectiveness of self-exclusion.”

Anna Sainsbury, Conscious Gaming trustee and GeoComply chairperson and co-founder, was also excited about the launch. “We are excited to see our vision for a national self-exclusion tool realized with Pennsylvania’s PlayPause launch… We are looking forward to further collaboration with stakeholders to increase coverage and impact for this solution.”

How Can Consumers Participate in the Self-Exclusion Program

According to Lanza, consumers who sign up for the self-exclusion program in the Keystone State will be extended the option of participating in PlayPause to help them extend the self-exclusion to other states and jurisdictions as they deploy the solution.

The PlayPause solution will provide the following assistance:

  • Expand the protective self-exclusion bubble, enabling it to follow players as they move from state to state.
  • Allow consumers to self-exclude across different states to fend off the incidence of simply crossing a state jurisdiction while continuing to gamble.
  • Empower gaming operators to bolster responsible gaming programs, besides making more informed decisions, and with greater knowledge into players that have already self-excluded in one state but want to be recognized and protected if and when they want to play in another jurisdiction.
  • Streamline the administrative load and remove the silos associated with maintaining a number of separate state-operated self-exclusion databases.

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