Do I hit on 15-16 with high true counts?

This is something that’s been bugging me for a while. I have been obsessively reading and playing for the last week. It’s all the experience I have so please be kind I’m eager to learn.

Whenever the true count on an 8 deck shoe is at 2-3 basic strategy tells me to hit if dealer is showing 7+ face. My mind and soul screams at me to stand but I know sticking to the plan is what makes me an AP.

But it just doesn’t make sense? The probability of me getting a face card is much larger. Wouldn’t it just be wiser to stand?

The only time I don’t feel this pain, and often feel relieved despite losing, is if the dealer hits 17-21 and if I didn’t hit I would have lost anyway.

Nonetheless, I’d appreciate some words of wisdom. Im currently learning deviations at the moment, as I said before, I’m a week in, troll modestly, but don’t break my heart </3.

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