Do this for 5 minutes every day to become a successful lottery winner


Cathy and Richard Brown from Ipswich celebrate winning a £6,123,395 lotto jackpot.

If you think that playing the lottery to win is just a matter of taking my System tickets down to the store every week, that’s only a part of it. And that’s where most players go wrong.

Because playing to win means doing more than every other player out there. You want to win to make your boring life more exciting and be secure for your old age – so you need to do more than anyone else.

Here’s what I do to achieve every goal I’ve ever wanted, and a whole lot more too. 

If I had ever dreamt of having the world’s most exotic supercar in my garage, while working around the world from a computer in my home office, I would have thought it was just that – a farfetched dream.

But I made it very real by doing a simple step whenever I wake. I’ll tell you what that is in a minute.

Here’s why this 5-minute strategy works so well. Let’s say you’ve gone through the lottery checklist and have your tickets and playing strategy in place.

Next comes the part that nearly everyone has a problem with – a lack of wins.

It’s demoralizing. Nobody enjoys seeing a $30 win when they were expecting $30 million.

So this next part is what separates the winners from the others who give up early and get nowhere.

You need a goal. 

Not just a monetary one… we all want the monster jackpot – that’s a given.

But you need a goal that locks you into playing week after week until you win big. I call it Play Persistence.

And when you achieve that, you’ll be among the tiny handful of serious players who actually win. Doing this is not a guarantee of course – no lottery system can promise an enormous win in x numbers of weeks.

But with Play Persistence, you can control your odds simply by playing more than anyone else. And this part of the game gets you winning faster because your odds are improved every time you play.

So what do you need to encourage Play Persistence? It’s this – a written goal reviewed each day. It takes just 5 minutes and gives fantastic results. I can vouch for that.

To start, take a piece of paper and a pen. You can use your computer, but actually a paper-based list is best. Then write down the wildest dreams of wealth you’ve ever had:

  • Is it living in a mansion?

  • Driving a fleet of European luxury sports cars?

  • Powering a giant cigarette boat through the smooth, sparkling waters of the Caribbean?

  • Helping your family out of difficulty or buying them a home?

  • Donating to your local church to get them a new building?

  • Saving a third-world village from disease by providing clean water?

Or all of these?

On your piece of paper, write down exactly what you want – but do it in emotional words. Make them as real as possible using all the senses of sight and sound.

  • Don’t date the goals.

  • Don’t aim for a certain sum of money.

  • Don’t intend to win a certain lottery game.

    Just write what you want for yourself and those close to you.

Then after waking each morning, get out your goal list. Here’s the rule for writing these statements…

You must rewrite them daily. They will be slightly different each day, because with each rewrite you will find a different way of describing your goals. That’s OK. What you are doing is reshaping your mind in a powerful way.

Look at each one closely. Imagine yourself in your new home, driving your luxury cars, sailing that yacht with ‘Lottery Winner’ on the stern. 

John Travolta is living his dream with a couple of jets parked outside his home in Florida.

I get fired up every time I see pictures of John Travolta’s enormous Boeing 707 and Gulfstream jets parked right outside his home in Florida. Imagine a life where your jets are ready for you just a few steps outside your front door! What a dream life that would be.

Make the experiences vivid, colorful and real in your mind like this. Spend 5 minutes doing this and writing them out. When you follow the principal of goal dreaming, you are putting your ambition in focus.

  • When you write your goal daily in a diary, you are reinforcing and concentrating on your goal.

  • When you make your goal vivid with pictures, smells and actions, you are making it real.

What happens is that your focus, your concentration, sharpens your mind. And when your mind is focussed on a goal, a dream, it starts activating in a strange way.

It starts looking for ways and opportunities to make that goal real. Maybe in a completely different way than you expected.

UK lottery winner Lee Ryan bought this Ferrari 512 TR with his £6.5 million (US$9.5M) jackpot.

For example, you may want a Ferrari. But you get the opportunity to test drive one first, and realize you don’t want one after all.

There may be long periods when nothing happens. This is true in goal setting as well as the lottery. But actually your brain is waiting for a unique combination of events to occur. And this takes a while sometimes.

In the meantime the diary entries each day keeps you playing. When you write daily, review it, and imagine your dream goals, it will happen. It happens because your brain is telling you to keep playing… to look for opportunities to improve your play. All that’s left is for you to win.

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