Exhibit CAA question, and introduction

Hi Folks,

First post here, and early stage advantage player. Big thanks to Norm and the GWAE folks, I owe a lot to you gentlemen.

3 things:

1) Received my exhibit CAA in the mail today. I’ve been really excited to learn more about hole carding. Pages 248 and 249, the first pages on this subject, are missing! Now pages 247 and 250 are on the same piece of paper… which I’m guessing would mean there’s an error at the publisher level, but it seems unlikely since 248 should be a title page. Can someone take a peek at their CAA and tell me if they see the same? I find it highly unlikely there are fraudulent copies of this book going around, but you never know. If it is an issue with just my book I’d really like to know if there’s some great info on 249 I’m missing. I plan on reaching out to the publisher later today.

2) Bob/Richard and guests have made it very clear your network is almost invaluable. I’d love to start building mine. If you’re a player in the Midwest specifically, I’ll be playing in our area for near future. As I travel more I’ll reach out again.

3) So I gave this whole card counting thing a run at the beginning of the year, with a small bankroll and many user errors. This quarantine allowed me to buckle down and save up a good bankroll, and really hone my skills. Since then I’ve done 3 trips, 3.5 hours total, and netted 500 units. Someone please pop my bubble of optimism so I don’t do anything stupid


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