First Card Couting and Casino Experience

Just went for the first time after learning to count cards to the nearest casino, and it was quite funny, thus I would like to share the story.

So, I have been learning and practicing to count cards for almost 2 months. I know basic strategy and how to keep the running count accurately. So, why not try the casino?

Well, first thing I notice…continuous shuffling machine…well sh*t haha. There goes my chance to beat the game. So I decided not to buy in but to try to have some fun, try to keep the running count, and play basic strategy, since I already had made the trip.

Well, as soon as the dealer starts dealing, extreme adrenaline spike, my mind was going at 1000, and I got blind. Couldn’t keep the count, as soon as he put the cards once in the shuffling machine, my mind just went blank.

It doesn’t end there. Although the house will always have the edge with the continuous shuffling machine, I tried to have fun anyways (only gambled a very small amount). Well, what happens next is that I lost 10 hands in a row playing basic strategy perfectly (although again, I wasn’t able to keep the count), but the dealer got a blackjack, and 3 21’s, 2 20’s…I guess those are just probabilities playing out.

Lost a small amount that I am very comfortable to lose, and had some fun. This is my story of the first time I TRIED to count cards, and overall I had fun, got some adrenaline (which I really needed to finally feel alive again), and went back home with a smile on my face.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: Adding to this that I wasn’t even able to back count, because the table was completely empty, no one playing blackjack. And that this is perfect feedback for me to keep learning, and keep learning, it’s a good slap in the face by reality.

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