First Time Online Blackjack

I started getting into online gambling back in April, during quarantine.

I’m not new to gambling, but I had never played online. I figure I would give it a shot.

I played lightning roulette for a while and hit two 500x multipliers early on (one for 1k, another for 2k). This got me hooked.

Since then I had been playing all summer and quickly lost those winnings and some. I was constantly trying to get back up.

As of a month ago I was 5k in the hole.

Just today, I put in 200 and played 100 in lightning (and lost) and then decided to do blackjack. I was always skeptical about the online stuff, but I figure if I played lightning it’s essentially just as bad.

Anyways, I started with 100 in black jack. I was making small bets to begin with, mostly 5, some 10, and the occasional 25. It was back and fourth for a while but I managed to slowly increase my bankroll. Next thing you know, I’m up to 500. That 500 point was key. I was constantly going back and fourth fluctuating around that 500. A few times I was even back under 100 and close to 0. Eventually, I broke that seal and was able to really start making bigger bets (100, 150, 200). From there everything happened so fast. Before I knew it, I was splitting and doubling downing on 400 buy ins. I managed to get that bankroll all the way up to 5k. I cashed out then, relieved that I had finally dug myself out of that hole.

This was during the afternoon.

Tonight, (i know I probably shouldn’t have done it), I decided to play some more. However I rationalized it, I put in 400. I did the same exact thing as before and before I knew it, I hit that 5k mark again. I was slightly over, 5150 to be exact. So I decided to play the extra 150 and just kept winning. Every time I reached another thousand, I would be slightly over and just keep going. I managed to make it to 8k which was a key point. I was playing smart because I didn’t want to martingale myself. I fluctuated around 8k, betting only 50 at a time. Eventually I broke the seal and got lucky and ended up getting to 9300. From there, I knew I had to hit 10k. I went to a low of 7200 at this point but managed to bring it back to 9500. From there, 2 more hands at 250 a pop and sure enough, 10k.

Not only did I clear that gambling debt, but I made out 10k.

I have frozen the account and I am done playing online. My new rule is that I will only allow myself to gamble at a physical casino.

Betting 500 a hand is absolutely absurd and something I would never do in person, but to see it on a computer, its just numbers. It is so easy to lose track of the true value and just click a button and lose it all. Play smart guys. This stuff is too easily accessible and it is so much easier to put yourself in a hole then dig yourself out of one.

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