Gambling Commission needs your Input

The UK Gambling Commission have this morning reached out to players, industry operators and stakeholders, to provide their input and views on how the regulator of the UK Gambling Industry should implement tougher rules and regulations, when it comes to tackling gambling harm.

The consultation process which the UKGC launched earlier today is calling for feedback from those individuals and organisations with a vested interest in the industry, with the UK regulator keen to hear the views of all concerned.

The proposals being considered include conducting assessments of whether a customer’s gambling is affordable at designated thresholds which are set by the Gambling Commission.

Executive Director of the Gambling Commission Tim Miller, explained: “Whilst some operators have continued to improve their customer interaction processes, our evidence shows that many online operators are not setting thresholds for action at appropriate levels. They are not taking the appropriate action or acting quickly enough when they do identify risks of potential harm.”

“We are clear on the need for gambling companies to take further action and that the Commission must set firm requirements to set consistent standards.”

“But we want to have an open discussion with the gambling industry, consumers, people with lived experience and other stakeholders, to ensure we strike the right balance between allowing consumer freedom and ensuring that there are protections in place to prevent gambling harm.”

To respond to the consultation and also to be able to provide your own views on the process, you can do so by clicking here.

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