General Assembly Launches World’s First Pizza Subscription

Straying away from the usual health-focused food subscription box trend, Toronto eatery General Assembly has launched the world’s first pizza subscription box service.

Starting at $39 USD, the subscription delivers stacks of four, six, eight or ten elevated frozen pizzas right to subscriber doorsteps. With six options to choose from, the frozen pies aren’t exactly what you find in the frozen aisle, utilizing naturally leavened dough, aged mozzarella and premium fresh ingredients.

The pre-made options include classics like the simple “Cheese Wizard,” “Loving Cup” for pepperoni fans and the beloved “Mila Margherita.” While the jalapeño and mushroom lined “Domino Effect,” sweet and spicy hot salami and chilli honey “Sweet Heat” and “Garden Smash” vegan choice are gourmet takes from General Assembly. Each personal pizza measures 10” in diameter and cooks to perfection in just five to seven minutes in a conventional oven.

Head over to General Assembly’s website to learn more about the world’s first pizza subscription box service which is currently only available in Toronto but will be rolled out throughout Canada down the line.

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