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Some background info, I went 7-0 betting $100 units before losing straight and losing juice on back to back W/L for a few weeks straight. I cashed out $200 and decided to quit.

Times goes past and a poker promotion with free tournament ticket pops up so I deposit the minimum amount and lose of course. With the last $10 I start to just bet for fun and surprisingly win. A few $10 units later and I go 14-5 in a mix of football and college basketball. So now I have $100.

What would the optimal bankroll management be? Do I keep up with the $10 unit bets since it seems to be working? I get the feeling if I raise the units I’ll instantly lose but at the same time I’m starting to get greedy and want these wins to net more.

Maybe go all in on one game and get smashed? And cry about it later?

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