GGPoker Turns Tournaments Upside Down with Flip & Go Innovation

GGPoker has added another patch to its ever-expanding tapestry of products with an innovation it’s called Flip & Go.

GPoker Flip & Go

GGPoker has introduced a new innovation known as Flip & Go tournaments. (Image: GGPoker)

Described as the “latest unique tournament variant,” Flip & Go MTTs appear to be aimed at casual players and those wanting more action.

The update has been rolled out across the network and players can try the new software from as little as $0.01.

GGPoker Flipping Scripts

GGPoker’s press release outlines the basic premise of Flip & Go tournaments. Unlike an innovation with a similar name at PokerStars (i.e. Spin & Go), these MMTs don’t have random prizepools.

Instead, the early action is marked by players being able to adjust the number of starting stacks they’ve got and the fact everyone gets three hold cards.

What Are GGPoker Flip & Go Tournaments?

Step 1: Players select a buy-in amount and a multiplier. The multiplier allows you to choose a desired number of starting stacks. You can choose up to 10X buy-ins.

Step 2: Players compete in the “flipout” phase of the tournament. This phase plays out as a series of single-table shootouts. The unique feature about this part of the tournament is that players receive three hole cards.

Players have to discard one of their hole cards before playing out a hand as they normally would. As an additional bonus, players can earn extra chips if their three hole cards create specific hands.

Step 3: Once each single table shootout is complete, the remaining players converge, and the dynamics change. At this point, everyone competes as if its was a standard MTT.

Innovations that make it possible to enter a tournament more than once are often regarded as cash grabs by naysayers. Flip & Go MTTs could be put into this bracket but they also introduce a unique dynamic that players won’t have seen before.

Something for Recreational Players

GGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu described them as the best way to get into the “hottest action.” Time will tell whether the format appeals to seasoned grinders and pros.

The likelihood is that they’ll be treated as a novelty and favored by recreational players. However, as other similar innovations have shown in the past, that could be good for GGPoker’s ecosystem.

Flip & Go

GGPoker releases a novel approach to MTTs. (Image: GGPoker)

All online poker sites are trying new ways to attract different demographics. PokerStars recently partnered with YouTuber True Geordie (aka Brian Davis), while Partypoker has worked hard to ban tracking software.

The market is moving more towards the recreational side of poker and Flip & Go tournaments are GGPoker’s ways of tapping into this trend.

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