Having some issues with Draftkings casino?

Does anyone know who I can talk to about trouble with draftkings casino?

First issue is that in October 2020 I hit bonus spins on a game that paid out about $16,000. Immediately after I was only given about $13,000. Around $3,000 disappeared instantly. I thought maybe they had to because of taxes but I didn’t have to fill out a tax form until I withdrew some of the money. I sent them a message about this and they never responded.

Then here and there when I make a deposit with bank card using it for a credit card they sometimes take out deposits twice. Then my bank account is negative a couple of days until they put the money back.

If I would do that to someone I would get it for theft. I feel like they are doing something slightly illegal here.

So the past week I’ve been trying to get my transaction history for 2020 to compare everything and they won’t respond. When I go into transaction history on my profile it won’t go back further then the month I am in.

When I looked through December 2020 transaction history it showed for at least the first half of the month that I had a balance of $109,000. Which I never had. And the balance amount wasn’t adjusting with my deposits it showed I made.

I would like to get suggestions on what I should do or whom I should talk to about this since Draftkings keep not responding to me.

Also has anyone else had similar problems with casinos? I know that they are made to ultimately profit from us so the odds are usually not in our favor but this goes beyond that. I feel like something more is going on here.

Thank you for your time.

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