Here's the best bet to make on each NFL team in 2020

Here's the best bet to make on each NFL team in 2020

With the NFL season right around the corner, it is time to start looking at wagers you should make on each team heading into the season.

As we (hopefully) approach the start of the 2020 NFL season, looking at some of the best bets to make across the league becomes an important exercise for those who are inclined to gamble on football.

Here, we’ve identified the best bet to make for each of the 32 teams across the league.

All odds used for these wagers are from DraftKings Scorebook.

NFL Win Totals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: UNDER 9.5

The Buccaneers were the darlings of the NFL’s offseason after the acquisitions of future Hall of Famers Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Unfortunately, despite the upgrade at quarterback, Gronk is barely an upgrade over incumbent starting tight end O.J. Howard.

Beyond those truths, this is much the same team that floundered and failed, especially on defense, in 2019. Expect more of the same, and a quarterback/head coach combination incapable of winning many shootouts. Take the UNDER 9.5 wins for the Bucs.

Atlanta Falcons: OVER 7.5

After a disappointing season, many seem prepared to write off the Falcons as legitimate contenders in the NFC. However, despite their lackluster performance a season ago, this is an offense that still features a top-10 quarterback in Matt Ryan, one of the top wide receiver tandems in football with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, and a young offensive line loaded with top picks.

This offseason, the team added a seemingly healthy Todd Gurley to the backfield which makes the offense even more potent. A young, rising defense compliments the high-powered offense, and this team earns a wild card berth in 2020.

Cleveland Browns: UNDER 8.5

It feels like every offseason, pundits nationwide fall in love with the the potential, talent, bevy of high draft picks invested in putting together the Browns for the upcoming season. This offseason has been no different, as more than one “expert” has picked the team as a playoff team in 2020.

Yet, the Browns have only exceeded eight wins one time since 2003, and there is little reason to believe 2020 will suddenly be the major step forward the franchise has long hoped for. The safe bet suggests strongly against a 9-7 or better season in Cleveland, so take the UNDER 8.5 wins for the Browns.

New York Jets: UNDER 6.5

The Jets have almost no reason for hope in 2020. In an ideal world, Sam Darnold is healthy for a full season and blossoms in to a Pro Bowler. In reality, the team reached for Mekhi Bechton with the 11th-overall pick in a futile attempt to rectify its’ biggest issue, the offensive line.

The defense has but one superstar, and Jamal Adams has spent the entire offseason trying to get traded, but appears to be destined to begrudgingly suit up for the team again in 2020. The fate of the team rests on the resurgence of running back Le’Veon Bell – we’ll take the UNDER 6.5 wins for New York.


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