Heroes of History (Card Game) – $20

Do you remember how thrilled you were in history class, reading about legendary figures of ages past so you could present an exciting and engaging book report or term paper? We can’t, either.

Instead, what if history could be fun? What if you could give George Washington a cannon and have him blast William Sherman into the next dimension? What if, rather than just reading about Annie Oakley’s sharpshooting skill, you could actually GIVE her a rifle and have her snipe your opponent until s/he begs for mercy?

Now you can. You’ve heard of American History X? Well, this is American History Y — as in Yuge battles! Heroes of History is an expandable card game that lets players use real-life people, weapons, battlegrounds, and items to battle each other for supremacy. Each card features professionally-drawn pictures of historical figures such as Tecumseh, Clara Barton, and Deborah Sampson; locations such as Saratoga, Little Bighorn, and Fort McHenry; and items such as the Winchester and Ben Franklin’s Lightning Rod. It’s a fun way to learn — or an educational way to have fun.

Game play is simple. Each player takes turns drawing cards and playing Characters to the Trench. Players can also play Supply cards that have some temporary effects. They can also equip weapons to characters and play Battleground cards that give bonuses to all Characters in play for the player that has summoned them. Players begin with 50 State Points and take turns attacking each other until one player is reduced to 0 or a player runs out of cards to play.

Future sets will include Heroes from history as well as from mythology. What would happen if Thor faced off against Washington? What if Washington had Mjolnir and Thor had a bayonet? Only you know the answer to that.

Includes Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders expansion and some promo cards.


Game is unopened and from a smoke-free, pet-free home.

I live in Placerville but work in Orangevale so I can meet in either place.

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