How I discovered a lottery prediction service that changed everything


Today’s LottoPredict, showing just a few of the 117 games it covers.

As I was finishing up this week’s LottoPredict just now, I started to think back. I can’t exactly remember the moment I discovered it.

But I do remember the times, many years back, sitting in my home office, wondering how I could make the Silver Lotto System more accurate.

Back then I was winning a lot – but only every few weeks. I wanted to fill in those losing weeks to increase my overall chances so I could win a prize every week.

Then suddenly I realized… I had the solution, and it was in my own System already.

I almost spilled my coffee when it hit me. I already knew the exact formula that cut out all the ‘bad’ numbers, leaving the good ones. That became the Silver Lotto System as we know it.

So all I had to do was to apply the same principle to each GAME. It was the second biggest eureka moment since inventing the Silver Lotto System.

And within weeks I was getting regular wins in every game! And even today it’s rare that I don’t come away with some wins.

My record win that has come close, but never been beaten… 22 winning tickets in one game.

I called my prediction method Lotto-80, and a few years ago changed the name to LottoPredict because that made more sense. It’s still exactly the same as the one I developed all those years ago.

Now, it works this way. There are good games and not-so-good ones.

If you were to play the worst odds games, your chances are getting wins each game is reduced because of the extreme number combinations they use.

But by using the Silver Lotto System and LottoPredict together, you’re going to get the maximum win rate possible for any of those.

It’s up to you to find the best game to make it work regularly for you.

In LottoPredict you can see how each game around the world rates too.

On the left-hand side of the chart you’ll see a star rating for each game, which has between 1 and 3 stars. Just choose the highest rating for a game in your area, and only play that one.

If you want to play the low-rated games, then you use my PRO Custom Profiles to get the best from those games.

The powerful combination of all three parts together in the System is simply amazing. If you want the best price today for all – or just some of the three parts, go here to PRO.

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