How To Bet On The NBA in Alabama, Georgia or Louisiana

On this page I will recommend our top rated betting sites for US residents, touch on sports betting regulation in Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana, look at the three most popular NBA bets, and finish up with a simple 3 step guide you can follow to bet on the NBA online.

Best NBA Betting Site for Americans

Bovada and BetOnline are our two recommended betting sites for Americans interested in betting on NBA games. These are the two most popular and trusted betting sites serving the United States market. Both sites are committed to providing a great betting experience to US bettors and this shows through in their bet offerings, promotions and customer service.

Both Bovada and BetOnline accept players from Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. For the remainder of this guide I will be using for the examples.

Sports Betting in Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana

At this time it is not legal to operate a sportsbook in any of the states listed above. That said, analysts agree that bettors from Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana are able to place bets at online betting sites that are licensed and regulated outside of the United States, and accept US players. Both and fall into this category.

In Alabama a bill was introduced in 2019 proposing the creation of the Alabama Sports Wagering Commission to oversee regulated sports betting in the state.

Georgia is in a similar situation with a bill introduced in 2019 that is meant to create a sports betting director position and provide for regulation of sports betting in the state.

In Louisiana no progress has been made towards regulating sports betting since a 2018 bill was introduced to allow sports betting at eligible horse racing facilities. This bill did not move forward.

Popular NBA Bets

There are three NBA wagers that take the vast majority of the betting handle on NBA games. These include the spread, money line (to win) and total (over/under).


The point spread is probably the most popular NBA bet. The oddsmaker will set a “spread” in order to even out the game. The favorite will have to win by more than the point spread for a spread bet on the favorite to be graded a winner, while the underdog must either win the game outright or lose by fewer points than the spread.

In this example the New Orleans Pelicans are 2.5 point favorites, as indicated by the -2.5. A spread bet on the Pelicans will be graded a winner if New Orleans wins the game by 3 or more points. The Jazz are a 2.5 point underdog (+2.5) and spread bets on the Jazz will payout if they win the game or lose by 2 or fewer points.

To Win

Another popular bet is simply wagering on which team will win the game. The money line odds determine the risk vs reward of a bet on either team based on their perceived chances of winning the game.

As we mentioned before, the Pelicans are slight favorites to win the game outlined above. Their money line odds to win the game outright are -140, which means you would have to bet $140 to win $100 betting on Pelicans.

The Jazz are slight underdogs and a $100 bet on the Jazz would win $120 if they pulled off the slight upset.


The oddsmaker will set a “total” and you can bet on whether the number of points scored by both teams combined will be over or under the total.

In this example the total is set at 220.5 points. Over bets would be graded winners if 221 or more points are scored by both teams, while under bets would win if 220 or fewer points are scored in the game.

NBA Betting From Alabama, Georgia or Louisiana – Guide

Follow these three steps to bet on the NBA from Alabama, Georgia or Louisiana.

Step 1. Join

Click the above link and fill out the sign up form on the home page to open a new Bovada account.

Step 2. Deposit

Log into your new account and click on the ‘Deposit’ link under your account drop down menu. Select one of the deposit options (Visa, MasterCard or bitcoin), enter your deposit amount, and complete the instructions to fund your account.

You can cash out your winnings through bitcoin, bank wire or check through the mail.

Step 3. Place Your NBA Bets

It’s time to place your bets:

  1. Click ‘Sports’ from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select ‘Basketball’ from the secondary sports menu bar.
  3. Select the bet you want to make and enter your wager amount on the Bet Slip.
  4. Click ‘Place Bets’ to lock in your bet.

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