KJ, How Did Your Year Go

KJ, your year sounds incredibly similar to mine. A bad year all around for me. My income was 45,000 from Blackjack (only source of income). At one point for a brief moment I broke a 6 figure income. This was actually in October. Ever since I went on a pretty horrible run as you know. Booking the next few sessions:
$145.00 -$35,675.00(an entire LV trip booked as one session) $425.00 $237.50 -$2,272.50 $727.50 -$4,162.50 $357.50 -$3,900.00 -$1,300.00 -$675.00 -$1,575.00 -$1,850.00 $350.00
These heavy loses were because I decided to play higher stakes. Now I’m sitting here with a bankroll of $75,000 (until I pay more bills) when I was at $130,000 just in October. After expenses I’ve been showing a loss since the end of January, pretty rough year. Over 50% of my income came from January when I won 30k.
2019 Win: 45K, 2020 Win: 45k which is slightly incredible considering I started on a 14k roll in 2019 (10k of which was investor money) AND I had to pay 35% of the win over the first 800 hours before we broke the bank so despite having fa larger bankroll in 2020 and no debt I somehow managed to earn the same as I did in 2019 when everything was seemingly against me.
I felt the need to share with you KJ considering how similar our years appear to have been. Disappointments all around.

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