LA Rams vs. Green Bay Packers Prop Bets – Divisional Playoffs

  • The line on the Rams-Packers game opened at Green Bay -7 and has been alternating between that number and -6.5 all week

  • Green Bay was seeing heavy action on both the spread and moneyline

  • Rams QB Jared Goff will be starting following surgery to his throwing thumb

  • Aaron Donald (ribs) is expected to play, though not at 100%, while leading wide receiver Cooper Kupp (knee) remained questionable for the Rams

  • Green Bay has won six consecutive games since a Nov. 22 overtime loss to the Indianapolis Colts and is mostly healthy

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The LA Rams vs. Green Bay Packers betting line was moving between Green Bay -6.5 and -7. The line opened at -7. Better than 75% of both the moneyline and spread action was on Green Bay. Temperatures will be in the low 30s for this game. This matter since the Rams play in a dome in LA.

Los Angeles is also contending with a number of injuries. Quarterback John Wolford has been ruled out because of a neck injury, so Jared Goff will start, coach Sean McVay said Thursday. Blake Bortles will serve as backup.

Wolford helped guide the Rams to a victory over favored Seattle last week.

Goff is recovering from surgery to the thumb on his throwing hand.

“It continues to get better,” Goff said. “I think it feels good. I’m in a good place with it. Over time, just over and over hitting it, there is a slight soreness, but nothing that’s hindering me in any way. I think overall it’s progressing in the right way.”

Goff will likely wear gloves for the cold weather.

“We’ll see when I get there on game day and just wanted to get some reps with it,” Goff said. “At times, it can help with grip. Just grip on the ball if it’s cold or windy or something.”

Aaron Donald (ribs) and leading wide receiver Cooper Kupp (knee) were both questionable to play earlier in the week. Donald has since gotten the green light, though he likely will not be at 100 percent, while Kupp remained questionable as of Friday.

And for the Packers playing at home there will finally be a bit of real crowd noise. After Lambeau Field was mostly empty during the regular season, the Packers are allowing fans in the stadium — up to 6,000 — on Saturday afternoon.

Champions of the North division, the Packers were idle last week after securing the top seed in the NFC with a 13-3 record. Rodgers lost his previous meeting with Goff and the Rams in 2018 — 29-27 at Los Angeles — in a duel of Cal quarterback products. Rodgers was sacked twice by Donald in that contest.

Green Bay has won six consecutive games since a Nov. 22 overtime loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Rodgers was consistently great in 2020, leading the NFL with 48 touchdowns, a 70.7 percent completion rate, a 121.5 passer rating, a league-tying-low five interceptions and a loud and clear statement that he’s not done at age 37. He is 10-8 all-time in the playoffs with 40 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Prop Bets

Rot Player to Score a Touchdown ~ Anytime TD Scorer Moneyline
901 C Akers (LA)
902 R Woods (LA)
903 C Kupp (LA)
904 T Higbee (LA)
905 J Reynolds (LA)
906 M Brown (LA)
907 G Everett (LA)
908 V Jefferson (LA)
909 J Goff (LA)
910 N Webster (LA)
911 Rams DST (LA)
912 D Adams (GB)
913 A Jones (GB)
914 R Tonyan (GB)
915 A Lazard (GB)
916 J Williams (GB)
917 A Dillon (GB)
918 A Rodgers (GB)
919 M Valdes Scantling (GB)
920 E St Brown (GB)
921 M Lewis (GB)
922 Packers DST (GB)
923 No Touchdown
924 Field
Rot Player to Score First Touchdown ~ 1st TD Scorer Moneyline
926 C Akers (LA)
927 R Woods (LA)
928 C Kupp (LA)
929 T Higbee (LA)
930 J Reynolds (LA)
931 M Brown (LA)
932 G Everett (LA)
933 V Jefferson (LA)
934 J Goff (LA)
935 N Webster (LA)
936 Rams DST (LA)
937 D Adams (GB)
938 A Jones (GB)
939 R Tonyan (GB)
940 A Lazard (GB)
941 J Williams (GB)
942 A Dillon (GB)
943 A Rodgers (GB)
944 M Valdes Scantling (GB)
945 E St Brown (GB)
946 M Lewis (GB)
947 Packers DST (GB)
948 No Touchdown
949 Field
Rot Player to Score First Rams Touchdown ~ Rams Moneyline
951 C Akers
952 R Woods
953 C Kupp
954 J Reynolds
955 T Higbee
956 M Brown
957 G Everett
958 V Jefferson
959 J Goff
960 N Webster
961 Rams DST
962 No Touchdown
963 Field
Rot Player to Score First Packers Touchdown ~ Packers Moneyline
964 D Adams
965 A Jones
966 R Tonyan
967 A Lazard
968 J Williams
969 A Dillon
970 A Rodgers
971 M Valdes Scantling
972 E St Brown
973 M Lewis
974 Packers DST
975 No Touchdown
976 Field
Rot First To Score Moneyline
1001 Rams
1002 Packers
Rot Score in 1st 6½ min Moneyline
1003 Yes
1004 No
Rot First Score of the Game Moneyline
1005 TD
1006 Any Other Score
Rot First Scoring Play Of The Game Moneyline
1007 Rams TD
1008 Rams FG
1009 Rams Any Other Score
1010 Packers TD
1011 Packers FG
1012 Packers Any Other Score
Rot Will there be a Defensive or Special Teams TD Moneyline
1013 Yes
1014 No
Rot Total TDs in the Game Moneyline
1015 Over 5½ TDs
1016 Under 5½ TDs
Rot Total FGs Scored in the Game Moneyline
1017 Over 3½ FGs
1018 Under 3½ FGs
Rot Longest TD in the Game Moneyline
1019 Over 39½ Yards
1020 Under 39½ Yards
Rot Shortest TD in the Game Moneyline
1021 Over 1½ Yards
1022 Under 1½ Yards
Rot Longest FG Scored in the Game Moneyline
1023 Over 46½ Yards
1024 Under 46½ Yards
Rot A Team to Score 3 Unanswered Times Moneyline
1025 Yes
1026 No
Rot Team To Score Longest TD Moneyline
1027 Rams
1028 Packers
Rot Team To Score Longest FG Moneyline
1029 Rams
1030 Packers
Rot Team Scoring 1st Wins Game Moneyline
1031 Yes
1032 No
Rot Team to Call 1st Timeout Moneyline
1033 Rams
1034 Packers
Rot Double Result Moneyline
1035 Rams/Rams
1036 Rams/Tie
1037 Rams/Packers
1038 Tie/Rams
1039 Tie/Tie
1040 Tie/Packers
1041 Packers/Rams
1042 Packers/Tie
1043 Packers/Packers
Rot Race To 10 Points Moneyline
1044 Rams
1045 Packers
1046 Neither
Rot Will the Game go to Overtime Moneyline
1047 Yes
1048 No
Rot Highest Scoring Half Moneyline
1049 1st Half
1050 2nd Half
1051 Tie
Rot Highest Scoring Quarter Moneyline
1052 1st Quarter
1053 2nd Quarter
1054 3rd Quarter
1055 4th Quarter
1056 Tie
Rot Winning Margin Moneyline
1057 Rams to win by 1-3 pts
1058 Rams to win by 4-6 pts
1059 Rams to win by 7-10 pts
1060 Rams to win by 11-13 pts
1061 Rams to win by 14-17 pts
1062 Rams to win by 18-21 pts
1063 Rams to win by 22 or more pts
1064 Packers to win by 1-3 pts
1065 Packers to win by 4-6 pts
1066 Packers to win by 7-10 pts
1067 Packers to win by 11-13 pts
1068 Packers to win by 14-17 pts
1069 Packers to win by 18-21 pts
1070 Packers to win by 22 or more pts
Rot Total Points Scored Moneyline
1071 00-14 Points
1072 15-21 Points
1073 22-28 Points
1074 29-35 Points
1075 36-42 Points
1076 43-49 Points
1077 50-56 Points
1078 57-63 Points
1079 64-70 Points
1080 71-77 Points
1081 78 or More Points
Rot 1st Half Total TDs Scored Moneyline
1082 Over 2½ TDs
1083 Under 2½ TDs
Rot 1st Half Total FGs Scored Moneyline
1084 Over 1½ FGs
1085 Under 1½ FGs
Rot Score in Last 2 min of the 1st Half Moneyline
1086 Yes
1087 No

– Don Shapiro,

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