Lawmakers File Bill For Online Sports Betting In Georgia

  • House Bill 570 has been filed in the state legislature to get a legal mobile and online sportsbooks in Georgia.
  • All revenue gained from the industry is earmarked for the HOPE Scholarship and Pre-K schooling.
  • Professional sports leagues that call Georgia home are in favor of a legalized sports wagering market for the state.

ATLANTA – Lawmakers want to see the state’s General Assembly legalize online and mobile sports betting in Georgia and have filed a bill for 2021 to be heard on the floor that would do just that.

Georgia Representatives argue that millions of dollars are wagered by Georgians on sporting events every year through outside outlets, providing zero profit to the state when games are bet on this way.

A legal industry for Georgia would be beneficial not only for the economy but for the sports bettors engaging in the activity which is the entire goal of House Bill 570

Legalizing House Bill 570 In Georgia

There are plenty of advocates for GA HB 570, including professional sports organizations like the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. The Peach State is home to some of the top teams for various sports in the nation and they all want to see legal sports betting in Georgia.

However, the leagues are not looking for a piece of the action but rather the fans it could provide.

If residents could place wagers on their matchups, they’d be more inclined to engage in the sport and become a fan because of it. That could lead to greater profits in general for the leagues with an expansion of their fanbases and that’s really the only thing they’re seeking from this legislation.

“We don’t make a dime. There is no revenue. But the key for us is engagement,” said Steve Koonin the Atlanta Hawks CEO.

The bill is not asking for retail sportsbook locations. In fact, it would rather see a completely internet and mobile sportsbook market in Georgia.

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