Learn How to Play Baccarat Online

Like most online casino games, baccarat is easy to master and by the end of this guide, you will understand how to play baccarat online at live dealer tables and on virtual tables. On top of this, you will learn the RTP and house edge for the various baccarat bets, plus as there are multiple variants of baccarat, we also briefly cover some of the most exciting variations found at online casinos.

Learning how to play baccarat is far easier than learning roulette’s inside and outside betting options, odds, and pay-outs, while it is also far easier than mastering the different rules and basic strategy that comes with blackjack.

Baccarat is a game of 3 betting options, and all you need to do is pick 1. Once your bet is down, the dealer does the rest of the work for you. It really is as simple that!

If you already know how to play baccarat, then take a look at our ‘Winning Baccarat Betting Strategy Tips’ where we reveal 8 tips that will help you reduce your losses, and as such, you will improve your long run estimated winnings.

As for those of you that are new to baccarat, take a look at the easy to understand section below, and within a short read that will take less than 5 minutes, you will understand how to play baccarat online and the rules of the game!

Here’s What We Will Cover In This ‘How to Play Baccarat Guide’:

Baccarat Bet Types

Baccarat is a simple game to learn because it has only 3 bet types to learn. That said, there are also side bets on most baccarat tables, but these are extras that are not part of traditional baccarat gameplay. In this section we will only cover the 3 main bets which is all you need to learn to become an efficient baccarat player.

Banker Bet: The banker bet is always on the right-hand side of the table. If you place a bet and the banker hand wins, you win 1-1. However, unless you are playing ‘Baccarat No Commission’ there is a 5% commission on winnings, so really this bet has a 1-0.95 pay-out.

Pay-out: Bet €10.00 and win, you receive your €10.00 bet in return and €10.00 in winnings. If you are not playing Baccarat No Commission, then the house subtracts 5% commission of €0.05 giving you €9.95 winnings!

Player Bet: The player bet is always on the left-hand side of the table, and the dealer always deals the first cards to the player zone. When the player hand wins, your pay-out is always 1-1 no matter which variant you play as it is exempt from any commission.

Pay-out: Bet €10.00 and win, you receive your €10.00 bet in return and €10.00 in winnings!

Tie bet: The tie bet is as the name implies. If there the banker and player hands tie, then you win an 8-1 pay-out. You may also come across some more than generous baccarat tables that offer 9-1 on the tie bet, but this is rare.

Pay-out: Bet €10.00 and win, you receive your €10.00 bet in return and €80.00 in winnings!

Your Baccarat Betting Options:

  • Banker hand (0.95-1)
  • Player hand
  • Tie hand bet
  • Side bets

How to Play Baccarat

Playing baccarat is very simple because your only job is to place your bets! Honestly, that’s all you need to do.

The order of play is simple too. The ‘Player’ receives the first card, then the ‘Banker’ next, then the ‘Player’ receives the second card and then the ‘Banker’ and so on. Each hand can end with 2 cards or 3 cards which we will explain in further detail in the ‘Dealer Rules of Baccarat’ section below.

Choose whether to bet on the ‘Banker’, ‘Player’, or ‘Tie Bet’. Just make sure your bets are within the min-max table limits, which if you are playing online, the software will automatically warn you of an incorrect bet.

Here are the player rules in baccarat:

  • Bet on Choose ‘Banker’, ‘Player’, or ‘Tie Bet
  • Wait for the dealer to produce the outcome
  • If you win, wait for your winning chips from the dealer

The Rules of Baccarat Hand Totals

Baccarat is a game that uses a total of 9, and the idea of the game is the ‘player hand’ goes up against the ‘banker hand’. As the casino player, you can bet on the ‘banker hand’ to win, or the ‘player hand’ to win.

To decide which hand wins, the rules are simple. The hand with the highest 2 or 3 card combination closest to a 9 total wins ‘or’ if both the player hand and banker hand ‘Tie’, then the tie bet pays and all other bets lose.

To make the 9 total some cards are worth ‘0’ points. This avoids any hand busting as you would see in blackjack. Also, if the total of 2 cards equals more than 9. then the 10 is subtracted from the points value.


Points Value


1 points

King, Queen, Jack & 10s

0 Points

2 to 9 cards

Printed value

Cards In hand


Points Value

7-card + 8-card

(7 + 8 = 15) – 10

5 Points

4-card + jack

(4 + 0 = 4)

4 Points

9-card + 3-card

(9 + 3 = 12) – 10

2 Points

9-card + king

(9 + 0 = 9)

9 Points

4-card + 6-card

(4 + 6 = 10) – 10

1 Point

The basic rules of baccarat:

  • Banker or Player hand closest to 9 wins
  • If tie bet wins, both banker and player bets lose
  • All 10, J, Q, K cards have a ‘0’ points total
  • Any total above 9 will have -10 subtracted

Dealer Rules of Baccarat

In games such as blackjack you choose to split, double down, stand, surrender, hit, and so on – yet in Baccarat, as popular as the game is, your only job is to place bets. Therefore, as a baccarat player you do not need to worry about the dealer rules because you have no influence over the outcome of the cards.

However, for the benefit of those looking to mimic baccarat at home using your own deck of cards, we have an outline of how the dealer should deal the cards. Now the rules in the table below only apply to whether or not the dealer should bring out a 3rd card for the ‘Banker’ or ‘Player’ hand.

‘Banker’ or ‘Player’ Situation

Is a 3rd Card Required

Hand total of 8 or 9


Player total = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5

‘Player Receives a 3rd card’

Banker total = 0, 1, or 2

‘Banker Receives a 3rd card’

Banker total = 3 while Player 3 card
total = 0 – 7 or 9

‘Banker Receives a 3rd card’

Banker total = 4 while Player 3 card
total = 2 – 7

‘Banker Receives a 3rd card’

Banker total = 5 while Player 3 card
total = 4 – 7

‘Banker Receives a 3rd card’

Banker total = 6 while Player 3 card
total = 6 or 7

‘Banker Receives a 3rd card’

Banker total = 7 while Player 3 card
total = ‘Any’

Note: The maximum number of cards the ‘Banker’ or ‘Player’ can receive is ‘3’. However, the ‘Banker’ or ‘Player’ can win or lose with 3 cards versus 2 cards. It is entirely down to the 3rd card rule

Baccarat 1 to 8 Deck House Edge

Baccarat tables can use 1, 6, or 8 decks. Or at least these are the most commonly used deck numbers in the shoe. Now in blackjack, the more decks the higher the house edge or lower your RTP. On the other hand, more decks in the shoe can work in your favour.

8-Deck Baccarat

  • Tie = 14.36%
  • Player = 1.24%
  • Banker = 1.06%

6-Deck Baccarat

  • Tie = 14.44%
  • Player = 1.24%
  • Banker = 1.06%

1-Deck Baccarat

  • Tie = 15.75%
  • Player = 1.29%
  • Banker = 1.01%

Tip: In baccarat the dealer never shuffles the deck! Now if this was blackjack, it would be ideal for card counting. However, even though card counting is possible while playing baccarat, it is nowhere near as effective as blackjack, and as such, most casinos are not fazed in the slighest when card counters come to their baccarat tables!

Online Baccarat Tables

Now you understand the basic rules of baccarat, which is essentially to just pick 1 of 3 betting options, let’s take a look at the different variants of baccarat you will find online.

Live Dealer Baccarat: This variant of baccarat uses webcams to stream live dealer table games to your mobile or desktop device. You get to play on a real life baccarat table situated inside a live casino studio. There is also a real dealer and real cards dealt onto the table. In fact, playing live baccarat is as close to as it comes to playing in a land-based casino!

Virtual Baccarat: Virtual baccarat tables use computer code and are effectivly the same as playing a computer game. Game designers uses software for visual effects and an RNG or Provably Fair algorithm to determine the outcome of the cards. Some virtual baccarat tables have a built in system that does not shuffle the cards creating a more realistic version of the game.

Variants of Baccarat

There are several variations of baccarat, and while the way the game is played on each is slightly different, you will always still have the same 3 betting options of ‘Banker’, ‘Player’, and ‘Tie’. You can find some of the games listed below here in the mBitcasino baccarat area.

Mini Baccarat: As you have no control over the outcome of the cards in baccarat, most online tables can accomodate an unlimited number of players. Each round of betting is on a timer, and all players involved only see their private betting interface. There could be 100 players at the table, but you will never see the results of the players’ hands.

Well, Mini Baccarat is different. These tables limit the number of players to 7 and you can see the other players’ bets. And yes, we had to explain how unlimited baccarat tables work just so we can explain what ‘Mini Baccarat’ is!

Speed Baccarat: This variant of baccarat is usually a live dealer game because virtual baccart tables are already super fast, there is no need for a ‘speed’ version. All that happens here is that the features that slow down traditional live baccart gameplay have been removed which means you get to play more hands in less time.

Baccarat No Commision: You never have to pay the 5% commision on the banker bet playing this variant. However, if you win the banker bet with a 6, the payout is 0.5-1 rather than 1-1. This in fact means the banker’s house edge rises to 4.07% in the long run. Some table have a ‘Super 6’ side bet which pays if the banker wins with a 6 total.

Dragon Tiger: This is a simplified variant of baccarat. Instead of 2 cards, there is just 1 card dealt to the ‘Dragon’ and 1 card to the ‘Tiger’ with no 2nd or 3rd card required. Your job is to bet on the ‘Dragon’, ‘Tiger’, or ‘Tie’. There is no commision, and the ‘Dragon/Tiger’ bets pay 1-1 while the ‘Tie’ pays usually pays 8-1, but on the Ecolution Live Dragon Tiger table you get 11-1 for a ‘Tie’ and ’50-1′ for a suited ‘Tie’ result.

Baccarat Squeeze: This is another name you will see. Having the squeeze fature available does not change the outcome of the game nor give you any advantages. It is just a way to spice up the entertainment by giving players sneak previews of the next card and multiple camera views for close ups of the action.

There are many other names for Baccarat which will depend on the software provider that designs the Baccarat game title. However, the rules of the game, bets, and the way the game produces the outcome are the same. On top of this, you will find baccarat tables will often come with a variety of side bet options.

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