Legends of Runeterra Announces New Game Mode: Gauntlet

During their reveal of the Season of Fortune, Riot Games revealed a brand new game mode called Gauntlet. This mode will be coming with Patch 1.4 near the end of the month.  They are “limited-time competitive modes with unique deckbuilding rules. Gauntlets go live every weekend for about four days total, with weekly swaps between formats in the rotation.” This mode will see players trying to win seven games with prizes at the end.

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The first Gauntlet will “use standard deckbuilding rules as we test-drive the underlying tech; a second type of Gauntlet, singleton, joins the rotation on July 3, and will challenge you to build a deck using no more than one copy of each card.” Anyone who plays in these Gauntlets will receive a special icon just for playing. There will be an exclusive “Gauntlet Conqueror” icon for those who are able to make it to seven wins. The plan is to add more exclusive rewards as time goes on.

This is likely the first of many new modes that Riot will tryout while building out their very successful card game. It seems as though they want to make it great not only for competitive players but also for casual players who may not be able to dedicate the time necessary. Game modes like Gauntlet allow for players to enjoy the game without having every card that is available.

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