Live the Neon Life with Microgaming’s Real Auto Roulette

Real Auto Roulette Microgaming

Real Auto Roulette is a new epic automated RNG live casino game from Microgaming.

If that seems like a mouthful, this is the perfect article for you. CasinosOnline explains what Real Auto Roulette is about & if you can win at roulette.

It is possible to be good at roulette without cheating. Real Auto Roulette from Microgaming ft. Real Dealer Studios is the live dealer game made for excellent roulette players.

Let us walk you through the new little wheel journey.

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What Is Real Auto Roulette

Before we delve into the technicalities of the new live dealer roulette, let’s talk about the aesthetics.

It is evident that the duo of software developers focused the aesthetic appeal in mind when creating Real Auto Roulette.

Real Auto Roulette lauds a mildly futuristic theme featuring neon lights and strobe effects throughout. The dominant colors include gold, neon blue, and green. This explosion of colors triggers the enthusiastic roulette player within all of us gamblers.

The betting range covers values between 0.25 and 125 in coin values. Nonetheless, the cash value allows the max bet of $1,000 per round, which may work for high-rollers.

The volatility is low, which is a dream come true for beginners and intermediate players. So, if you’re after meek, down-to-earth, and predictable gameplay, the Real Auto is the way to go.

However, the simplicity doesn’t mean the game is dull and uninteresting. Just check out the key features of Real Auto Roulette:

  • Racetrack Bets
  • Full Statistics
  • Special Bets
  • Autoplay

Depending on the bet you place, the hit frequency can be as high as a humongous 48.65%. To stay on the safe side, check out the best strategies we picked below.

For now, Real Auto Roulette is a stand-alone release, but we’re hoping to see more products from Real Dealer Studios.

How to Play, Bets & Payouts

As you wait for the game to load, you’ll be welcomed by a shining screen and epic music. We’d describe it as Blade Runner meets Terminator.

Real Auto Roulette takes place on the European wheel, meaning it lauds 37 pockets for the ball to land. In turn, placing even-money bets that pay 2x can work wonders for the untrained.

After the players place their bets, the automatic wheel powered by RNG generates the outcome. Close-ups of the wheel will directly show you the position of the ball at any given point.

Real Auto Roulette Racetrack

Racetrack Bets in Real Auto Roulette

Thanks to the extremely user-friendly interface, you can track the hot & cold numbers, as well as your history. Make sure to check out the statistical data as to how often red and black hits.

These are the special bets in Real Auto Roulette:

  • Red Splits
  • Black Splits
  • Les Voisins Du Zero (22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25)
  • Tiers Du Cylindre (the likelihood of winning is 32.4%)
  • Les Orphelins (22% of the table)

Therefore, lovers of diverse roulette bets and good payouts will enjoy Real Auto Roulette from Microgaming.

Black Splits bet

How to place Black Splits bet

Best Strategies

Lots of you will appreciate top roulette strategies for Real Auto Roulette. Our pick for this Microgaming live ft. RNG game is the Reverse Martingale. Here is why and how to use it.

Anti-Martingale is a positive progression system, meaning that you increase your bet after a turning point. Namely, with the Reverse Martingale, you should increase your bet by one unit after a win. And when you hit a loss, go back to the initial unit.

We recommend using the smallest amount possible as your initial stake. In the case of Real Auto Roulette, that is $0.25.

The best piece of advice on how to play the little wheel is to never use a fixed strategy for a long time. Winning and losing streaks come and go and no one can control how long they last.

Therefore, we’d suggest mixing up the Reverse Martingale with some of the following betting systems:

  1. Labouchere
  2. D’Alembert
  3. Romanowsky
  4. Fibonacci
  5. All-In

Using a mixed strategy impacts your bankroll positively and saves the day if you hit a losing streak.

Best Microgaming Casinos

Real Auto Roulette went live exclusively in October 2020. Ever since Microgaming-powered casinos focused on acquiring this unique roulette wheel. Everyone wanted to stream it. But the team has singled out the three best Microgaming online casinos.

Royal Panda

If you still haven’t claimed Royal Panda’s impressive welcome bonus, this is your perfect chance. You get to play with 100% up to $100 in your currency with ultra-speedy withdrawals and multiple banking methods. The live lounge at Royal Panda is simply sublime. Go and see for yourself.


So, you’re after a reputable, multi-award-winning online gaming operator with a pitch-perfect reputation. We’ve got just the deal for you. LeoVegas offers online gamblers all they need and more. This Microgaming casino provides a broad range of live casino games, including the latest game from the supplier.

Mr Green

Grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side; it’s green where they water it, aka Mr Green Casino. Fast withdrawals of around 24 hours, a myriad of payment options, thousands of games, and a high-class atmosphere. It’s worth noting that Mr Green often runs live casino promotions, you might want to stick around for bonuses.

Should You Play Real Auto Roulette?

Real Auto Roulette table

No matter whether you’re a slot player or a blackjack master – roulette surely intrigues you. It’s been centuries since this game was invented and people still haven’t managed to get to the core of it. Somehow, the French gambling game always wins.

And while one might think bettors will eventually give up, the practice has proven differently. Providers keep making new roulette games and players keep playing them.

With that knowledge in mind, Microgaming employed Real Dealer to manufacture Real Auto Roulette. The low-variance live roulette running on RNG is a game suitable for both beginners and experts.

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