Looking back at Week 10 in the NFL from a betting perspective

Let’s review Week 10 from a betting perspective, as we look to build on a good week looking ahead to Week 11.

Week 10 Bad Beat of the Week

Did you bet on the Cleveland Browns -4 (or more) in Week 10? This was a bad beat, as the Browns had the ball with under two minutes remaining. Browns’ running back Nick Chubb broke free down the left sideline for a sure touchdown to ice the game, but decided to run out of bounds at the 1-yard line for Cleveland to take a knee to solidify the game. Good football move? Sure. But it was bad for bettors who had the Browns -4.

Week 10 Upset of the Week

One of the most-wagered games in Week 10 was the Ravens and Patriots, as the Ravens were touchdown favorites at most legal sportsbooks in Colorado. New England dominated the trenches and cruised to a 23-17 victory, crushing Ravens bettors but rewarding those who bet on the Patriots’ moneyline. Before kickoff, the Patriots’ moneyline was +235, giving bettors a big win.

Week 10 Cover of the Week

The entire betting public seemed to be on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as they were road favorites against the Carolina Panthers. While the Panthers were up 14-7 after one, the Bucs then scored 39 points in three quarters and easily covered the six-point spread with a 23-point victory.

A look ahead at Week 11

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s column, as we will take a look ahead at Week 11 with some marquee matchups to wager on. There are some great games on the schedule, including Titans vs. Ravens, Packers vs. Colts, Chiefs vs. Raiders and a huge Monday Night Football matchup between the Rams and Buccaneers.

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