Lottery playing secrets of the winning 1% exposed. And it's quite simple…

Lottery playing secrets of the winning 1% exposed. And it's quite simple...

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Is the Silver Lotto System more popular than the hula hoop?

The Silver Lotto System is the longest-running lottery system in the world. But how does that affect your winning chances?

What about all those millions of other folk out there competing for the same prizes as you? Are they really any competition? I often get that question from readers:

“Hey Ken, I think your system rocks, but what happens when everyone in the world owns a copy? What if everyone had the winning numbers? Wouldn’t that mess with our winning totals? Gavin.”

That’s an interesting question because it assumes everyone who wins the jackpot has to share with other winners. But these vast numbers of winners will never happen, and here’s why.

I’ve found most folk are often just too busy to get around to playing:

  • – 99% of them won’t be bothered to fill out their Profiles from the System.

  • – 99% won’t play more than once a month or even longer.

  • – 99% will use different numbers, along the lines of “Hey, my wife’s birthday date isn’t there – I’m gonna put that in for good luck!” And so they mess up the System.

  • Most players only play with $5 a game – far too little make the System work as it should.

And so it goes on. There are many people who don’t – or can’t – play regularly for one reason or another:

“I didn’t get around to playing with your system after buying it last year…”

“My computer crashed last year and I’m now going to start playing using your Silver Lotto System again…”

“We live too far away from a lotto store, so I only get into town once a month…”

What’s left is a tiny fraction of the players, like you and me. We are the 1% who know what we’re doing…

What’s more, we have fire in our eyes. We are relentlessly:

– Consistent… we play every week like clockwork.

– Focused like a laser… nothing will put us off their target.

– Regular… a rainy day won’t stop us hitting up the lotto store each week.

If you are not one of the 1 percenters now, what will you do to change that today?

Could you win the lottery in 8 games out of 10?

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