March For Change Is Scheduled Monday Night at Argosy Casino Parking Lot

ALTON – A March For Change will organize at 5 p.m. in the parking lot of the Argosy Casino in Alton on Monday evening.

The march will start at 5:45 p.m. Monday and is hosted by Ruby Gold and organizers said it will be peaceful and non-violent.

“We march for those who have lost their lives and humanity to police brutality and racism,” organizers said. “Just peaceful, heartbroken and fed-up individuals screaming for change.

“This protest is not just for people of color to attend or take part in, but every man, woman, and child of any race will all have a place in this march and a role to play in this massive change. Enough is enough! So many fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, children, and friends have lost their lives, and so many have continually turned a blind eye to this unjust and un-American behavior. We have come to the point where people must be heard accountable for their actions. Many will say that our efforts are pointless. Many will let their fear keep them silent. They may say “you’re just one person. What can you do?” But we are many.

“We all remember 9/11. It was justifiable then to fight back when so many lives were lost, but when the enemy is no longer abroad, but in our own backyard, our own people attacking people of color and white people alike for standing up against this gross mistreatment of people of color, you just shrug your shoulders and say ‘what can I do? This doesn’t affect me. This won’t change anything.’”

“We are not marching to loot, ransack, or destroy anyone’s property. That is not why we are here, and we will not allow it. So join us, brothers and sisters! We need your help to save the lives of mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, and children alike. Not just for the people of today, but for the future of our nation! We must stand strong together, or divided we will fall.”

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