More people than ever want to play online games with friends and family

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More than ever people are wanting to play online games with
their friends and family.

According to data from Pi Datametrics, the term “play poker online with friends” saw one of the biggest year-on- year growth on Google in the UK last year, compared to 2019. Searches for poker games online saw over a 3000% increase.

Other online gambling searches which have increased include “virtual grand national” and “online slot games”.

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This comes as we have seen an increase in people using their smartphones and mobile devices for casino gaming – 46% of people in the UK claim they have increased use of their smartphone since 2019.

And this is only going to increase. Data predicts that by 2024, the number of
monthly active smartphone users is projected to grow steadily and reach 61.06
million individuals. This would be an increase of over 12 million new users
from 41.09 million users in 2015.

Online games are quickly becoming the go-to social activity
people are playing with friends and family.

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