Most Innovative Bookmaker Features

Sports betting has continued to progress to levels that would have been unimaginable at moments in the past as developments in regards to technology and innovative thinking have meant new things have come to the forefront of the industry and have essentially become a standard feature.

Indeed, the gambling industry have benefited from these advancements as they can continue to attract new customers and keep existing members with them for longer than ever before because of what they are able to offer.

Naturally, due to the certain things that are now on offer, searching for the right bookmaker to join has also become even more important than ever before and checking out some reviews of bookmakers before joining one is an essential task for any bettor.

These are just some of the innovative betting features that have been provided in recent years…

In-play Betting

Arguably one of the biggest innovations to have ever appeared in the betting industry, in-play betting is one of the best things to have ever been provided to punters across the world.

Previously, bets would only be able to be made prior to a sporting event, however due to the technology that has become available, bettors are now able to place bets whilst the action is happening in front of their eyes.

Individuals can get a better betting experience via this method of gambling as well, as they will be able to place bets on almost any market they wish – another of the great innovative features to have been provided – and live every moment of the sporting event, rather than having to just wait for the full-time result/conclusion of the event.

It could be said that in-play betting revolutionised the betting industry.

The rise of smartphones

For bookmakers to have been able to provide in-play betting, technology has played a huge role in allowing for it to be a possibility. Technology has not only benefited gambling operators, though, as customers have been able to make the most of it via the introduction of the smartphone revolution and their accessibility to this particular device.

A smartphone essentially has the power to do almost anything the user desires (electronically) and that includes taking their betting experience online and away from the more traditional methods such as physical establishments such as betting shops or casinos.

Gambling operators are able to build innovative applications that can be downloaded and provide punters with everything they could possibly imagine to further enhance their betting experiences, such as the markets available to bet on, as well as games to play.

Cash Outs

In addition to innovative betting features such as the ‘in-play’ possibilities, ‘Cash outs’ have since become something that features regularly and as something that can be considered rather normal.

‘Cash out’ betting allows bettors to take the winnings or undergo damage limitation before the bet is concluded, thus allowing them to keep some of the money that is available without having to wait for the final outcome of the wager. Indeed, this can be a hugely popular feature for punters who look to place bets on accumulators or those that use the ‘in-play’ feature that has been made available.

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