NBA Betting Preview: Boston Celtics vs. LA Lakers – Saturday, Jan. 30, 2021

A historic rivalry will be renewed with a fresh matchup tonight.

The Los Angeles Lakers will travel across the country to take on the Boston Celtics.

LeBron is playing out of his mind and continues to improve as the season progresses. What he is doing at his age is unprecedented for the NBA.

The Celtics finally have their starting roster back and healthy and they are looking sharp.

The combination of Tatum and Brown is better than advertised and Kemba is slowly coming into his own.

We’ll break down this matchup for this historic rivalry and help you determine your best bets.

He came out with a quote the other night about how he doesn’t feel tired and has plenty of energy, and you can see the motivation in the way he dominates the court.

Boston is going to have a tough time trying to slow down their dynamic duo of LeBron and Davis, and I’m really starting to wonder if they have what it takes.

Davis is the worst kind of player for Boston to matchup with, and he is the best version of that player.

A long, scoring, ferocious rebounder is Boston’s worst nightmare.

Daniel Theis will likely be in foul trouble for a majority of this game, so the Celtics might have to get creative in trying to slow down Davis.

Expect LeBron to put up his usual 27-7-7 for this one and for him to be fired up for Saturday night primetime action.

Boston Celtics Betting Preview: Can This Team Sustain?

I love the improvement of the Celtics young players over the years.

Tatum and Brown look incredible, but even players like Marcus Smart and Daniel Theis are looking stronger as a supporting cast.

This team is good, but I’m not sure they have enough firepower to make a push for the Eastern Conference.

The Tristan Thompson experiment has yet to prove fruitful, and the Celtics’ rebounding struggles continue.

Against the Lakers, Boston is going to have to find a way to keep the rebounding close, otherwise the combination of LeBron, Davis and Marc Gasol will eat them on the interior.

I think speeding the game up and pushing the transition pace with Brown and Tatum will be their key to victory.

Lakers @ Celtics Betting Preview

Coming into this game, our friends at JazzSports have the Los Angeles Lakers favored on the road by 1.5 points.

The Lakers have looked like the best team all season long, despite some of their recent losses, and they continue to push for title defense.

Free Betting Pick

Even with Los Angeles ceding the best record to the Jazz, I like them to win on the road in this game, fueled by LeBron and Davis.

It’s not a bold prediction, but going against LeBron at this point would be ludicrous.

Spooky Express Free Betting Pick: Los Angeles Lakers @ -1.5

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