NBA Betting Preview: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Toronto Raptors – Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021

Two of the Eastern Conference’s best teams from last season will be squaring off in tonight’s matchup.

Each of these teams are on a very different trajectory for this season, as the Milwaukee Bucks will be on the road to take on the Toronto Raptors.

The Bucks are re-establishing themselves as one of the dominant forces in the NBA, while the Raptors have done a complete 180 degree turn with their team.

There is a lot to love with both of these rosters, but definitely some shortcomings.

It is going to be a good matchup, and we have all your coverage to help you break down the game and determine where you should be putting your money.

Milwaukee Bucks Betting Preview: Hitting Their Stride

When you make such a huge roster change in the off season like adding Jrue Holiday to the mix over Eric Bledsoe, there is a little bit of a learning curve to develop chemistry.

So far, Milwaukee has experienced some growing pains that I don’t think anyone was really expecting but it certainly is not surprising.

Either way, the Bucks look good on both sides of the ball.

Giannis continues to grow in his decision making and looks as good as his last two MVP seasons.

Holiday fills the exact need they were looking for, and Middleton has taken a step forward as an offensive decision maker.

Against the Raptors, Giannis should look to have a field day on the interior. He is much bigger and way stronger than anyone the Raptors can throw at him.

His rebounding should be king and he should score with ease.

Toronto Raptors Betting Preview: Miscalculation on the Season

When looking at the Raptors lineup for this year, it does not appear to be missing much from last season.

They made one crucial miscalculation, and that was letting Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka walk.

While neither player did too much for them scoring wise, their leadership and interior presence is supremely missed and makes for a tough season for them so far.

Lowry and Van Fleet have managed to hold down the scoring and be as good (maybe even a little bit better) as they were last season.

It doesn’t seem like their roster will have much of an answer for Giannis, as we have seen Giannis completely overpower Pascal Siakim before.

It might be one of those situations where they let Giannis cook in order to stop the other players from doing too much.

Bucks @ Raptors Betting Odds and Lines

Coming into this game, our friends at MyBookie have the Milwaukee Bucks favored by 6 points.

I really like the Bucks this season, and until someone proves otherwise I think they are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference.

Free Betting Pick

While this game may have been a heated matchup last season, I don’t think there is too much to think about when it comes to this one.

Take the Bucks to dominate from beginning to end and win this one over Toronto.

Spooky Express Free Betting Pick: Milwaukee Bucks @ -6

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