NBA futures

I took the Lakers to win it all before the season started and I am pretty confident in that. With how unpredictable this postseason will be I want to take a massive underdog for fun .

My options are

Dallas +4000

Utah +6000

Portland + 10000

I like Dallas more than some of the teams ahead of them for a few reasons.

1 – in the NBA the best player is most likely to win there are only about 4 players better than Luka who will be in the playoffs. While he is only in his second year he has led his team to a euro league title 2 years ago which has to count for some experience.

2 – supporting cast: the mavs had a historically good offense this year built around shooters. Come playoff time defenses get tighter and it gets tougher for non shooters to score . I expect stars who don’t shoot well like Russ, Simmons and even Giannis to have a tougher time . I think the mavs offense will stay intact

3- youth: after so much time off I think older players will be more susceptible to injury , the mavs are a young team with young legs (outside of Kristaps) I think they should have an easier time staying healthy.

Again I fully do not expect them to win but if bit really is up for grabs this year I think they could surprise a lot of people . Who is your underdog pick?

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