Negative Variance or…?

Good morning to you all, I have a question for all of you APs out there. I’ve been keeping track of my play for the past 6 months and in total, I have played close to 130-150 hours. However, I’m down 2 grand. My bet spread is $10 for anything less than TC 1, leaving/sitting out at -1. Wonging back in round TC 1-2. I raise my bet to 2×20 at TC 2 and continue to raise it in increment of 2×10 until TC 6, where it’s 2×60. The game I’m playing is 6 deck, S17, DAS, NRSA, NS20 (can’t splitting 10’s), LS. Based off wiz of odds, casino edge is 0.33% at even count. So… am I playing wrong or am I just experiencing some extreme negative variance? I’ve heard of leaving while ahead but also heard of playing to get to the long run (n-Zero is about 300-400 hours?) I’ve played through some negative counts but when I can help it, I play $5 at anything negative. Thank you guys.

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