Odds Moving in Jones Jr’s Favor in Fight with Tyson, Paul Favored Against Robinson

The odds have moved in favor of Roy Jones Jr, giving Tyson bettors a little bit of leeway. Which way will the odds move closer to fight night? Photo by @matsutani_s (Twitter)
  • Tyson vs Jones Jr Odds have been shifting as the fight date looms closer
  • Who is favored in the main and co-main event fights?
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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr odds seemed like a fever dream prior to 2020, but it has been a strange calendar year. We’re now less than four weeks out from the exhibition fight, and a few more details have been revealed about this bout.

The initial target for this fight was September 28, 2020, but now it seems like November 28 will be the date. Staples Center in Los Angeles, California without any fans in attendance will be the destination for the fight.

Tyson vs Jones Jr Odds

Fighter Odds
Mike Tyson -168
Roy Jones Jr +138
Fighter Odds
Jake Paul -160
Nate Robinson +130

Odds taken Nov. 4

Tyson on Triller

The line for this fight has undulated in a manner that I presumed it would. It has moved to slightly favor Roy Jones Jr more despite Tyson still being the favorite overall.

In fact, there are a few aspects of this fight have changed beyond the line movement with the oddsmakers.

The WBC Frontline Battle belt will now be up for grabs in this prizefight. This bout will be eight rounds with two-minute increments instead of the normative three-minute round durations.

A modification that Roy Jones Jr believes favors Mike Tyson much more so on a stylistic level. Tyson’s explosive style is one that Jones Jr will be looking to weather, which will be made more difficult with the tighter round times.

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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr

Some are looking to throw cold water on the idea of this fight between two men in their fifties being a war. This includes California State Athletic Commission executive director Andy Foster.

Foster insists the fight will be stopped if either man is cut and says that neither man should be looking for a knockout here.

Apparently, the two fighters set to step into the ring didn’t get that memo.

Tyson seems incredibly inspired and is making out three big money fights for 2021 per his trainer for this camp Rafael Cordeiro.

I think the rule modifications and the public’s perception of Iron Mike Tyson will lead to him remaining the favorite leading into this fight. The odds will favor Tyson more as we’re a few days out from the bell ringing.

Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson Odds

Jake Paul is favored because he has an amateur fight and pro boxing bout to his credit, while Nate Robinson is a neophyte to the sweet science.

Paul recently said, “I’m betting my house on it” when it came to his prediction of knocking out the multi-time slam dunk champion in the first round.

Both men are getting more heated with one another as things encroach closer towards fight night.

The line has moved a bit from what the opening odds listed. Paul is now an even larger favorite going from -155 to -160.

I think the line will shift a touch more in Robinson’s favor as things close into the event day. Paul is still the favorite, but Robinson is less of an underdog.

The athletic pedigree of Robinson will cause some action to creep in despite how wet behind the ears he is in the boxing world.

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