One Tool Used By Many To Help Them Stop Problem Gambling Is GamStop

If you have not yet come across the service offered by GamStop, and you want to quit gambling online, then It is time you considered reaching out to them for they offer a very simple yet highly effective solution.

Their service is aimed at those of you that have been experiencing gambling problems related to gambling online, and by visiting their website you can instantly sign up to their self-exclusion register, which I should add is completely free to do so.

Once you have submitted your registration on that register, every single gambling site operator licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom by the UK Gambling Commission is then legally required to scan their customer database.

If you are found to have an account with any of them, they will then close your account, thus then preventing you from being able to continue to gamble at their respective sites.

Not only that but even those gambling sites that are part of the GamStop scheme also have to put steps into place that will ensure any attempt by you to open an account at their sites gets blocked, and as such you are not going to be allowed to sign up to those sites.

As mentioned, their service is completely free of charge to sign up to and it has proven to be a very effective way for everybody that does want to stop gambling online at UK licensed gambling sites to be able to do that with the minimum fuss and effort.

Multiple Additional Tools to Help You Stop Gambling

When you have signed up to any gambling site, what you will notice is that many of them now offer you range of additional responsible gambling tools that you can make use of, however as they are not obligatory in many cases you can simply ignore using them.

However, it is vitally important that if you do gamble online you always set yourself some limits and therefore if you want to cut back on your gambling activities and much more importantly the amount of cash you are prepared to risk when gambling online, then make sure you make use of the deposit limit settings offered to you by such gambling sites.

But, and this is important, you really should be thinking about giving up gambling if things have started to get out of hand, not only thinking about giving up but doing everything you can possibly do to ensure you do not gamble again.

Therefore whilst it is possible to sign up to GamStop relatively quickly and then see yourself being self-excluded from all UK licensed gambling sites, be aware you could be tempted to gamble at some sites that are not part of that scheme.

There take a look at the list of Casinos not on GamStop and once you know which casinos they all are contact them all and ask that you are self-excluded from those sites as well, to ensure you never are tempted at a later date to gamble at any of them.

You Are Not Alone

It can certainly be a very lonely place when you are in the grip of any type or form of gambling related problem, however never, ever lose track of the fact that there are many additional help and support groups who will be only too happy to help you give up gambling and in an efficient and practical way too.

The first organisation that I am more than happy to introduce you to is Gamblers Anonymous, a huge number of people attend their regular meetings each week and by attending one of them you can seek the help and support from people who have been or are currently in exactly the same position you find yourself in now.

Another very reliable source of gambling problem related information is GamCare, please do give there website a good looking over for that organisation is passionate about helping anyone who do wish to give up gambling for good to do just that.

Also, if you need urgent assistance then do remember that the NHS can also be an organisation you can turn to in your quest to stop gambling, so consider taking that route too.

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