Opening Bachelorette 2020 Odds – Who Are the Early Favorites After Contestants Confirmed for Clare Crawley’s Season

Clare Crawley

Clare Crawley is Season 16’s Bachelorette. Photo from @Cosmpolitan (Twitter)
  • Clare Crawley will be the leading lady for season 16 of The Bachelorette
  • A whopping 42 men have been confirmed for the season. Who stands the best chance to earn the final rose?
  • See our unique odds for The Bachelorette season slated to premiere later this year

Clare Crawley was set to film her epic journey to find love on Season 16 of The Bachelorette in March, but production was halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak forcing operations to be shut down. The names and identities of the 42 men who will surely be in it for the right reasons with their walls down were revealed Wednesday.

This season promises to be the most dramatic, exciting, and breathtaking in the show’s history. Wait, when have we heard host Chris Harrison say that before? Oh right, every single season. Without question, this truly will be the most unique and challenging season to produce given the constraints and precautions necessary to take against the coronavirus.

This will be Clare’s fifth foray into the Bachelor world, has also been a runner-up in Season 18 of The Bachelor, and she’s also been on Season 1 and 2 of Bachelor in Paradise plus the Bachelor Winter Games. She will be the oldest ever female lead in the show’s history at 39 years of age.

We’ve got you primed with our unique odds for who might steal Clare’s heart and who might go home devastated and broken-hearted.

Odds to Win Season 16 of The Bachelorette

Contestant SBD’s Odds
Zach J. 25/1
Mike 25/1
Kenny 28/1
Garin 28/1
Ed 28/1
Karl 33/1
Tyler S. 33/1
Jeremy 33/1
Robby 33/1
Spencer 33/1
Zach C. 33/1
Joe 33/1
Collins 35/1
Dale 35/1
Bennett 35/1
Tien 40/1
Page 40/1
Chasen 40/1
Jason 40/1
Peter 40/1
Blake Monar 45/1
Brandon 45/1
Montel 45/1
Riley 45/1
Jordan M. 45/1
Uzoma 50/1
Yosef 50/1
Ben 50/1
Blake Moynes 50/1
Brendan 50/1
Gary 50/1
Josh 50/1
Jay 50/1
AJ 60/1
Alex 60/1
Demar 60/1
Ivan 60/1
Chris 60/1
Tyler C. 60/1
Ellis 66/1
Jordan C. 66/1
Noah 66/1

Odds created July 16

Clare Crawley’s Past

To say Clare’s first journey to find love on Juan Pablo’s season of the Bachelor didn’t go so well would be an understatement. Clare made it all the way to the final rose ceremony, before calling out Juan Pablo in the final episode, leading her to be adored by fans.

[embedded content]

With her not finding love, she then subsequently went on the first two iterations of the Bachelor in Paradise, without much success and she was unsuccessful in finding a life partner. That led to the Bachelor Winter Games, where she found herself in a love triangle with Christian and Benoit.

[embedded content]

Eventually, she would say goodbye to Christian, and it looked like she’d finally found her man, Benoit. He even proposed to her at the ‘After the Final Rose Ceremony’, but it all ended in tears as the two announced a split a couple of months later.

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Clare Looking for a Mature Man

The major reason Clare and Juan Pablo didn’t work out (it’s ok), is because of the perceived, or real, immaturity. She also had similar gripes with Christian and to a lesser extent Benoit, so she likely would be more attracted to someone closer to her age, so the men closer to her stage in life stand to have a better chance.

Extra men were originally cast to be on the show but were merely placeholders in case some of the contestants contracted COVID-19 according to Reality Steve, who’s tuned into the behind the scenes of all these shows. Of those men, none are on the list of 42 potential suitors now, but you’d have to wonder if they’ll scale back even more because typically each season has around 30 men vying for everlasting love.

[embedded content]

Clare’s Type

This one is hard to pinpoint because Clare has been all across the board in the men she pursues, starting with Juan Pablo, who was a year younger than her, and Benoit, who was a full six years younger. One had dirty blonde hair, the other had brown hair. She’s been a fascinating enigma ever since she started on the show, so it’s anybody’s guess who she will pick this go around.

[embedded content]

One thing that makes Clare such a fan favorite is the fact that she doesn’t take any crap from anybody, which was never more apparent in the Bachelor finale, but also was the truth when she was upset with Christian for being wishy-washy on the Bachelor Winter Games. The men who are in their mid 20’s and even late 20’s will find it difficult to impress her due to the age gap, though she’s proven that she will go for a younger man like Benoit.

[embedded content]

One thing is for certain, however. This season surely will be the most epic, jaw-dropping, dramatic, wild, crazy adventure to find love. Clare will undoubtedly have her walls down, she’s in it for the right reasons, she will find clarity, and surely she’ll be vulnerable.

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