People who give people crap when they tail a losing pick are the absolute worst

Alright gotta say these people are morons. I’m pretty new to this sub and enjoy tailing people’s picks for fun. I’m not looking to make serious profit and just have fun. I know a lot of people hate on bad picks and I know there are people that make the same argument that I’m making. If you are in this to be serious and make profits DON’T TAIL PEOPLE BLINDLY. Make your own picks you useless pile of dog crap.

One recent example is the dude who was making the 3Q NBA picks. It seemed like fun so I started tailing him after I saw his 9/9 day. I knew it wasn’t flawless and I even knew it would fail in the end, but it is exhilarating making quarter O/U bets. I never doubled down on any 4th quarter bets when Q3 failed either because I thought it was too risky. He had a rough night last night and the replies on his last Twitter post are hilariously ridiculous. They are talking like this man just reached into their pockets and stole their life savings. He hasn’t Tweeted today and I suspect he won’t again. Some of these tailers are just absolute knobs.

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