Pick of the Day – 11/29/20 (Sunday)

W-L: 2-0

Last Pick: Notre Dame ML – W

Pick: Packers -6 vs. Bears, 8:20 pm ET (-150 alternate line)

I guess it’s time we address the elephant in the room, bubs. No, I’m not talking about me beloved Aiofe (we’re officially going steady at her brothers’ request).

But first let me take you back to a wintery night in 1999 when my life got flipped, turned upside down.

Picture ya bubs: Flat on my belly in my bed with a book in hand. Green power ranger onesie on. Little four-month old Milo on the floor, pawing at my glow in the dark Furby collection. My body may have been stuck in my moms trailer out in Fucksville, Arkansas, but my wee little mind was off wondering the halls of a more magical and worry-less place: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

You see, bubbys, I was one book shy from capturing my final BOOK-IT sticker. Which meant I was one sticker away from chowing down on a free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza. But as enthusiastic as I was to finally receive my first hot meal in quite some time, my moms seemed even more excited. So much so, that she made nightly visits to our local Hut to tell them about my progress.

…or so I thought.

The very next day when I rushed home from school, final sticker in tow, my moms greeted me with a rather guilty look upon her face. Turns out, those nightly visits weren’t about my reading progress at all. They were so my moms could help herself to a serving of breadsticks from the Hut kitchen staff, if yous knows what I mean. Long story short: The head bub in charge walked in and we’re now banned from every Hut in the state. Oddly enough, it’s also how my moms met her third and fifth husbands.

What sat on the dinner table in front of me was a packaged up build-your-own pizza contraption of some kind called a Lunchables.(Quite the cute-meet, eh, bubs?)

What’s the point in this story you ask? Well, in much the same way I looked at that box of Lunchables with disdain and skepticism, some of yous seems to look at your boy Spreaddy in that same light. I wondered how a cold mix of ingredients could be anything close to delicious while yous wonder how Spreaddy could be anything but a failed Reddit POTD’er looking for a re-up.

Well, as yous all know, I grew up to cherish those damn Lunchables. And I believe those who doubt me will also come around to the Spreaddy side after seeing me hand out one winner after another.

But anyways, this is a POTD after all, bubbys. And as much as moms loved smashing pizza delivery boys, Aaron Rodgers loves slithering deep inside the Chicago Bears time after time.

In 23 games against the Bears, Rodgers is 18-5 straight up and 16-7 ATS. In those games Rodgers has balled out, throwing for an average of 248.8 yards per game to go along with 47 touchdowns and 10 interceptions with a passer rating of 104.0.

But the Packers have one more thing working in their favor: Rodgers goes Superman on ‘em hoes following a straight up loss.

For his career, Rodgers is 32-15 ATS (5-0 with head coach Matt LeFleur) in the game immediately following a loss. Rodgers has won seven straight such games straight up—by a margin of six points or more—throwing for 277.2 yards per game, 16 touchdowns and zero interceptions on 66.9-percent passing with a passer rating of 111.6. That includes throwing four touchdowns in each of the last three such games.

But Rodgers isn’t alone during that seven-game stretch. The Packers defense has also stepped up, forcing a turnover in all but one of those games and forced multiple turnovers in five for a grand total of 13. With only one turnover committed by the offense, Green Bay holds a pretty damn impressive +12 turnover margin over that span.

With a date with quarterback Mitchell Trubisky on deck—he’s thrown an interception in seven of his last 10 start—and several key Chicago defenders likely to miss this one, I have no doubt we’ll be celebrating another dub, bubs.

And you bet your ass, bubs, we’re celebrating with that goddamn Pizza Hut personal pan pizza young Spready was denied all those years ago.

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